Star Atlas Unveils DAO Proposals Roadmap
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Star Atlas Unveils DAO Proposals Roadmap

Star Atlas has unveiled the DAO Proposals Roadmap. Earlier in 2021, Star Atlas announced POLIS – its Decentralized Autonomous Organization. As part of the plans to ensure a community-driven project and process, the team launched an accessible platform in 2022 that users can easily access on the web. Through decentralized governance, this independent body has overseen sustainable gaming developments.

Considering the benefits of this organization, Star Atlas wants to strengthen the integrity of the DAO. As such, the team is launching the POLIS Improvement Proposal (PIP). There will be three articles that encompass the future of the DAO. This document is submitted by ATMTA Inc and will determine the future of the organization’s operations.

The first article is the Blockchain Supremacy Clause and contains independent programs that will run on the Solana blockchain. Star Atlas Constitution is the second article, and it defines the governmental framework. More so, this section highlights the rights, limits, and principles guiding the actions of DAO members. Finally, the last article is about the Star Atlas Foundation. It entails the legal and business guidelines of the organization.

Details of the Star Atlas DAO Proposals Roadmap

Details of the Star Atlas DAO Proposals Roadmap

The POLIS Improvement Proposal will take effect in stages, beginning with PIP-1. Meanwhile, Star Atlas is launching a governance webpage to enable users to access the details of this proposal. Individuals can also drop their feedback and respond to other community members.

Star Atlas further reveals the Star Atlas DAO Proposals Roadmap, which contains stages through which the POLIS Improvement proposal will follow to attain enactment. This document entails the process through which the team will implement all the articled mentioned above. Meanwhile, it is essential to note that this is PIP-1.

The first stage is the Declaration and involves publishing the submitted proposal to Star Atlas DAO.  After that, there will be a Deliberation phase. Community members will review the submission and publicly vote according to their interests. There will be one or more debate sessions to enlighten people about the intended change.

With the deliberation stage over, the Decision phase will follow, and there will be an official on-chain vote. The Democratic Convergence is the final part of the process, and it involves council elections. Members will ratify PIP and open up opportunities for other proposals.

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