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Illuvium Integrates Chainlink to Encompass Chainlink Price Feeds

The first AAA play-and-earn blockchain-based game, Illuvium, announces the expansion of its Chainlink integration to encompass Chainlink Price Feeds. This is the industry standard for all off-chain, decentralized price data on Ethereum.

That means the $ILV/ETH Chainlink Price Feed will ensure that the current Illuvium sale is fair to everyone. The price feed will offer precise price data to ensure that buyers of land plots pay the same price irrespective of the currency they are transacting in, whether sILV2 or ETH.

Β It is worth mentioning that the game platform uses only the best quality of infrastructure in Web3 for its product delivery. Its partnership with Chainlink, the leading decentralized oracle network, clearly reflects its intention to always deliver the best solution to users when it comes to accessing an efficient source of decentralized price data.

How the Integration of Chainlink Price Feeds will Help Secure Land Plots in Illuvium: Zero

It is crucial to mention that land plots are an important component of Illuvium: Zero. Individuals with land plots in the metaverse can generate valuable tokens, especially fuel, which is an ERC-20 token that enable them to upgrade and build structures on the land plots.

They can use fuel for different transactions in the game platform. Since the Land Sale registrations alone cost hundreds of thousands, it is expedient to create a fair mechanism that will remove high GAS fees.


Illuvium tries to achieve this through its 3-day Dutch auction, which starts with a specific price and gradually reduces until everything is sold. 100% of the revenue generated from the sale of land plots goes to stakers as revenue distributions.

Highlights of Available Land Plots in Illuvium: Zero

Interested buyers can buy Tier 1-4 Land plots in sIVL2 and ETH while Tier 5 is only available in ETH. These are the only currencies that are accepted for the sale process. To ensure the accuracy of the ETH-sILV2 price ratio, the game platform integrated Chainlink Price Feeds.

This is because it offers important features, such as high-quality data, a decentralized network, secure node operators, and transparency. According to the co-founder of Illuvium, Kieran Warwick, Chainlink Price Feeds possess a secure and reliable performance history for DeFi protocols.

Illuvium is using Chainlink to secure its land plot mechanism as a part of its commitment to using only top-quality infrastructure and providing a β€œworld-class Web 3 gaming experience” for its gamers.

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