Apeiron Reveals Effective Strategies to Boost Guild’s ROI
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Apeiron Reveals Effective Strategies to Boost Guild’s ROI


  • Diverse Strategies for All: Apeiron introduces tailored strategies to maximize ROI for guilds at all investment levels, from free-to-play to big spenders, in the $1,000,000 Apeiron Guild Wars 2024.
  • Optimization for Free-to-Play: Free-to-play guilds can enhance ROI by recruiting skilled mercenaries and renting Planet NFTs at low costs, allowing them to compete effectively without significant investment.
  • Investment-Specific Advice: Mid-tier guilds are encouraged to rent or buy higher-tier Planets, while big spenders should create breeding farms with 0-breed Planets, leveraging the Planet Breeding Arbitrage for substantial gains.

In the virtual world of Apeiron, guilds are constantly seeking ways to maximize their return on investment (ROI), especially with the $1,000,000 prize pool for the Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 (AGW) up for grabs.

As the battle intensifies, Apeiron has disclosed effective strategies for guilds to enhance their ROI, catering to different investment levels from free-to-play to big spenders.

Currently, Bood Nation, Atlas Gaming, and Ancient8 are leading in terms of Matchmaking Rating (MMR), with Ancient8 also topping the guild total stars, closely followed by A+ | RJN. The competition is fierce, and the journey to the top is just beginning.

AGW Reward Strategies

With over 80 guilds participating, Apeiron has outlined strategic plans for guilds to achieve the highest ROI. These strategies are divided into three categories based on investment levels: free-to-play friendly guilds, dolphin mid-spender guilds, and Apeiron4life whale big-spender guilds.

Free2Play Friendly Guilds

Apeiron Reveals Effective Strategies to Boost Guild’s ROI

For guilds aiming to minimize costs while remaining accessible to free players, Apeiron suggests recruiting mercenaries—skilled players from the community who can climb the ranks for the guild. Renting Planet NFTs on Lootrush for as low as $0.44 per day per player is recommended, which allows guilds to earn $ANIMA per win, boosting their ROI.

Dolphin Mid Spender Guilds

Guilds with a budget of around $500 are advised to rent higher-tier Planets or purchase them from the Marketplace, where prices range from $170 – $250. Owning a Planet offers benefits like earning $ANIMA and $APRS, which can be reinvested in breeding more Planets. Investing in powerful Planets equips players with the tools needed for success.

For those investing over $5000, Apeiron recommends buying three matching 0-breed Planets to create a breeding farm, taking advantage of the Planet Breeding Arbitrage opportunity.

It’s suggested to breed until a ⅔ count and then either sell or play with the ⅔ planets. Attracting top-tier mercenaries and ensuring a large guild membership is crucial for climbing the Guild Star Total leaderboard.

Apeiron’s strategies are designed to cater to various guild types and investment levels, ensuring that every guild has a chance to optimize its ROI and make a mark in the AGW. With these tactics, the path to victory and financial success in Apeiron is clearer than ever.

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