Axie Infinity Announces The New Moonfall to Enhance User Experience
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Axie Infinity Announces The New Moonfall to Enhance User Experience


  • The new Moonfall update in Homeland will be released on June 12.
  • There will be a daily prize pool of approximately 400 AXS.
  • Players will be able to complete daily quests, collect tickets, and claim prizes.

The Axie Infinity community is about to receive a significant update in Homeland with the arrival of the revamped Moonfall system.

This change, planned to launch on June 12, promises a more dynamic and engaging experience for players.

After gathering feedback and fine-tuning details to ensure stable and reliable mechanics, the development team has finalized a series of improvements based on community feedback.

The revamped Moonfall introduces a daily quest system that allows players to complete various tasks to earn Moonfall Tickets, which can then be redeemed for prizes the next day.

Each day, players will receive 12 missions for each piece of land they own or manage, with varying difficulty levels.

Additionally, they will have the option to re-roll or change missions up to 5 times per day, thus maintaining freshness and diversity in daily activities.

If you want more changes, you can purchase additional re-rolls for 10 ancient coins each.

The reward system has been designed to reflect progress in the game.

Some quests will require high levels of the Altar of Atia or specific building plans, offering greater rewards for more difficult tasks.

Additionally, rarer lands will have a better chance of granting tickets, incentivizing players to advance and upgrade their properties.

Axie Infinity Announces The New Moonfall to Enhance User Experience

Prize Distribution and Axie Moonbeam Elimination

The daily prize structure will be divided into three categories: one Extra Special prize of 20 AXS, 50 Premium prizes of 5 AXS each, and more than 200 Common prizes of 1 AXS each.

This distribution will reset every day, allowing players to have constant opportunities to win.

Additionally, unclaimed prizes will roll into the next day’s Common prize pool, ensuring there’s always something to compete for.

For those who own multiple terrains, completing quests on each will increase your chances of earning daily rewards, with no account-level reward limit.

Even when a quest does not award a ticket, players will receive gold rewards, the amount of which will vary depending on the type of terrain where the quest is completed.

Another important novelty is the removal of the Axie Moonbeam system.

Resources earmarked for Moonbeam rewards have been reallocated to the new Moonfall mechanic, fulfilling the vision shared earlier this year by the game’s founders.

This adjustment will allow for a better distribution of resources and a more consistent approach to the new dynamics of the game.

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