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Axie Origins Season 9 Preseason Is Already Live


  • The preseason for Axie Origins Season 9 starts today, May 29, 2024, introducing significant balance updates and new starter Axies.
  • The Collectible Leaderboard has been launched with a 4,000 AXS prize, available from May 29 to June 12 for players using collectible Axies.
  • SLP rewards have been rebalanced, and several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

The preseason for Axie Origins Season 9 has begun today, May 29, 2024, bringing a series of important updates and new features for players. This initial phase, lasting two weeks, will allow players to get acquainted with the new changes before the start of the regular season.

One of the main updates is the implementation of balance changes that are now live. These updates focus on level 2 parts and have involved a restructuring of most cards. Additionally, an era-based testing system for Runes and Charms has been introduced, allowing players to experiment with these modifications in a controlled manner. Players can obtain free test kits for the Rare era in the Origins shop to start testing these new features.

Simultaneously, two new starter Axies, Bard and Machito, have been introduced and are available in the shop for 1,000 gems each. These Axies are designed to offer new gameplay strategies.

Moreover, the launch of the Collectible Leaderboard, featuring a total prize of 4,000 AXS, is imminent. This event will run from May 29 to June 12 and is designed to reward players who use collectible Axies in their battles. To participate, players must own at least one collectible Axie and compete in the arena to earn points. Points are assigned based on the player’s rank and the rarity of the Axies used.

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Axie Adjusts SLP Rewards

The preseason also brings adjustments to SLP rewards. These rewards have been rebalanced for both the preseason and the regular season. During the preseason, players in lower ranks such as Boar will not receive SLP. While those in higher ranks, like Challenger, can earn up to 10 SLP. These values will increase during the regular season, reaching up to 20 SLP for Challenger-ranked players.

Additionally, several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to optimize the gameplay experience. These include new border styles for level 1 and 2 cards, and the correction of various bugs related to Rune and Charm interactions.

To prepare for the new season, Runes and Charms from Season 8 have been disabled. Players can acquire a free test kit in the shop to experiment with the new Runes and Charms of Season 9. The unlocking schedule for these kits is as follows. The Rare Box will be available on May 29. The Epic Box on June 1, and the Mystic Box on June 5.

Finally, it has been announced that towards the end of this testing period. Players will have the opportunity to compete in the Preseason Cup. An event where they can fine-tune their strategies for Season 9 and compete for AXS rewards.

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