Rebel Bots Announces Gameplay Video Contest
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Rebel Bots Announces Gameplay Video Contest


  • Rebel Bots Ultimate Contest: Players are invited to create and submit gameplay videos showcasing their strategic skills and cinematic flair, with the most engaging video winning the contest.
  • Engagement and Prizes: Videos will be judged based on views, likes, and retweets, with additional points for sharing on other platforms. Top videos earn prizes and social media fame, with 2000, 1500, and 1000 GEMS for the top three in each leaderboard.
  • Participation Steps: Contestants must follow Rebel Bots on Twitter, tweet their video with a tag, engage with the contest post, and complete all five mandatory steps to qualify. The contest ends on June 12th, and winners announced on June 19th.

The gaming cosmos is abuzz as Rebel Bots rolls out the red carpet for its Ultimate Gameplay Video Contest. This isn’t just any competition; it’s a galactic battle of wits and creativity, where players become the auteurs of their own epic battles. It’s time to channel your inner Spielberg or Tarantino and claim your place among the stars of the Rebel Bots universe.

Contest Details

In this electrifying challenge, contestants are tasked with capturing their most strategic and visually stunning battles. The goal is to create a gameplay video that not only showcases tactical prowess but also packs a cinematic punch. The video that garners the most views and engagement will be crowned the victor, so participants are encouraged to make their submissions truly stand out.

The stakes are high, as the top videos will be rewarded not just with prizes but also with fame, featuring on Rebel Bots’ official social media pages. This is a chance for players to shine in the Rebel community and gain recognition for their gameplay genius.

To enter the contest, participants must follow a series of steps, including following Rebel Bots on Twitter, tweeting and tagging their entry, and engaging with the original contest post. Completing all five mandatory steps is essential for a valid entry.

Rebel Bots Announces Gameplay Video Contest

Video Contest Rewards

The contest boasts six prizes across two leaderboards, with winners chosen both by the Rebel Council and community engagement metrics. The engagement score system rewards views, likes, and retweets, with additional points for sharing on other social media platforms. The top three winners in each ranking will receive 2000, 1500, and 1000 GEMS, respectively.

How To Record the Gameplay?

Participants have two options for recording their gameplay: either use the screen recording feature with media sound enabled or record the replay of their battle. Creativity is key, as editing, narration, and storytelling will bring the Rebel tales to life.

The contest is already underway and will conclude on June 12th at 00:00 UTC, with the new legends being announced on June 19th. So, assemble your bots, calibrate your cameras, and may the best Rebel win!

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