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Illuvium Unveils the Date of its FIRST Swiss-Format Arena PvP Tournament

Illuvium, the blockchain gaming platform, has announced significant updates for its upcoming Funscendant Arena PvP tournament. This highly competitive tournament will feature a generous prize pool of $1000, sponsored by Arcade2Earn, IlluviData, and Phantom.

One of the standout features of the anticipated competition is the implementation of a special set of rules aiming to create a friendly environment for both new and veteran players. Each participant will receive three identical predefined decks to use during the tournament, and these decks will not contain any upgrades. This initiative aims to level the playing field and provide a fair experience for all players.

The tournament is open to anyone interested, with no restrictions on the number of participants. To ensure the best possible experience, the tournament format will be Swiss, giving players multiple opportunities to compete. Additionally, in response to community feedback, the tournament start time has been adjusted to begin at 3 PM UTC, benefiting participants in America and Asia.

With $1000 at stake and payouts for the top 16 participants. Illuvium’s Funscendant Arena PvP tournament promises to be a battle where players will showcase their strategic and tactical skills. This event not only highlights Illuvium’s dedication to its player community. But also underscores the growing importance of blockchain gaming and tournaments in the cryptocurrency space.

How Does the Swiss Format Implemented by Illuvium Work?

The Swiss format is a system commonly used in tournaments and competitions, both in games and sports. Its main feature is that it allows all participants to play a predetermined number of rounds, and each participant or team faces another with a similar performance in each round. As the tournament progresses, players or teams with similar performance are paired against each other.

illuvium tournament

The Swiss format is known for its fairness and its ability to provide an exciting competitive experience. Unlike other formats, such as single-elimination, where a loss can eliminate a participant. In the Swiss format, participants are not eliminated after a loss. Instead, they continue to compete in additional rounds against opponents with similar performance.

After each round, participants are ranked based on their results. Players with similar performance are paired in the next round. This process continues until the predetermined number of rounds is completed or until a winner is determined according to the tournament criteria.

Illuvium has proven to be an innovative force in the blockchain gaming realm. With this tournament, it aims to create an inclusive and accessible environment for players of all levels. The adoption of a Swiss format and an even playing field with predefined decks reflects Illuvium’s commitment to fairness and fun in its blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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