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Xociety: A Third-Person Shooter to Debut on Sui Blockchain with $7.5M Boost


  • NDUS Interactive has raised $7.5 million in pre-Series A funding for Xociety.
  • Xociety introduces an innovative corporation system in the game, combining elements of role-playing and first-person shooting.
  • NDUS Interactive aims to create a sustainable player engagement model in the web3, moving away from short-lived earning models.

NDUS Interactive, the developer behind the third-person shooter game Xociety, has raised $7.5 million in pre-Series A funding to bring its ambitious project to life. The funding was led by Hashed and the Sui Foundation, with additional investment from Spartan, Neoclassic, Big Brain Holdings, and the publisher of the popular game PUBG, Krafton.

Xociety sets itself apart from the competition by introducing an innovative corporation system in the game, allowing players to own shares and manage economic entities within the game world. This feature, combined with elements of role-playing and first-person shooting, offers a unique experience aimed at changing the paradigm of games in the web3.

NDUS Interactive aims to create a sustainable player engagement model. Moving away from the short-lived earning models seen in some web3 games. Their vision is based on combining the best of traditional games with the innovations and possibilities offered by blockchain technology.

Xociety: A New Approach to Blockchain Gaming

The success of Xociety has already been evident during a recent beta test. Which attracted over 3,000 users from 76 countries, who played for over 11,000 hours in total. The positive response is a demonstration of the game’s potential to captivate a wide audience and establish itself as a standout title.

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NDUS Interactive, despite having industry veterans like Myoungjin Lee, known for Ragnarok, and Sang Chung. Former Head of PlayDapp on its team, is not content with what has been achieved so far.. The game is scheduled to be launched later this year on the Sui blockchain. With a play-to-mint event scheduled for July.

With Xociety, NDUS Interactive is in a privileged position to lead the way in integrating high-quality games into the blockchain. Their focus on sustainability, combined with their vision and experienced team. Promises to offer a unique gaming experience that will change the way we interact with online games.

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