Vendetta Games’ Chalk River Reviews its Latest Game Development Update
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Vendetta Games’ Chalk River Reviews its Latest Game Development Update


  • Map Expansion: The Chalk River map has been expanded with three new towns—Eganville, Cobden, and Fort Harriman—set in four unique biomes (desert, plains, mountain, swamp), offering diverse challenges and adventures.
  • Desert Biome Revamp: The desert area of the game is being enhanced with new environmental assets inspired by the Chihuahuan Desert, focusing on authentic ambiance through refined shaders and post-processing.
  • Animation Enhancements: Significant improvements to character animations include polished female locomotion, lifelike horse movement, individualized weapon handling, and more realistic aim logic during action sequences.

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain game development, Vendetta Games has made significant strides in the creation of its anticipated title. This month’s update reveals a plethora of enhancements and expansions that promise to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Chalk River Map Updates

The virtual world of Chalk River is transforming, spearheaded by the talented Oksana. The refactoring process has birthed three new towns: Eganville, Cobden, and Fort Harriman. These settlements are nestled within four distinct biomesdesert, plains, mountain, and swamp—each offering unique challenges and adventures. The expansion doesn’t stop there; a myriad of other points of interest have been intricately woven into the map, ensuring that explorers will have no shortage of discoveries.

Desert Biome

Vendetta Games’ Chalk River Reviews its Latest Game Development Update

The Chalk River, a pivotal location from the alpha releases, is receiving a makeover. Drawing inspiration from the Chihuahuan Desert, the team at Vendetta Games is infusing the game with a set of environmental assets that capture the essence of the arid expanses found in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. The lead-level designer is at the forefront, meticulously preparing these assets, refining shaders, and crafting post-processing elements to replicate the authentic desert ambiance.

Continued Animation Updates

Animation remains a cornerstone of character realism, and Vendetta Games is pushing the envelope. The latest efforts include:

  • Polishing main character controllers for female locomotion
  • Enhancing horse movement to mirror real-life equine grace
  • Refining weapon draw and holster motions for individuality
  • Implementing realistic aim logic during high-speed action
  • Expanding female character animations
  • Adjusting idle animations to correct shoulder positioning

What’s Next

The anticipation for Chalk River is palpable, and the developers share the community’s eagerness. As the next release looms on the horizon, the team’s dedication is unwavering. The promise is clear: the wait for Chalk River will be well worth it, as Vendetta Games is committed to delivering an immersive and captivating world that players will cherish.

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