Readyverse Studios: The Fusion of IPs and Technology for the New Metaverse
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Readyverse Studios Unveils Groundbreaking Partnership and Web3 Expansion with Ready Player One Franchise in Metaverse Launch

The acclaimed literary and cinematic work “Ready Player One” is about to take a monumental leap into the world of the metaverse.

Ernest Cline, author of the novel, and Dan Farah, producer of the film adaptation, have joined forces with the technology company Futureverse to bring the “Readyverse” to life.

This initiative seeks to inaugurate an open and interconnected metaverse experience for the general public, offering a multi-IP scenario that transcends multiple worlds.

The core of the Readyverse will include licensed digital elements from Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” film, under an agreement with Warner Bros, in addition to being in full talks with other studios and well-known brands to expand its catalog of assets with license.

This alliance not only focuses on providing access to renowned brands, but also on safeguarding intellectual property rights.

Futureverse’s Shara Senderoff highlights the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for the transition of intellectual property to the metaverse, thus ensuring a conducive environment for both creators and rights owners.

Readyverse relies on content creation tools developed by Futureverse over the last five years

These include capabilities to create 3D objects, music and sound generated by artificial intelligence, both proprietary and open source.

Readyverse seeks to be a space where users can explore and discover immersive experiences without the usual technological limitations.

In addition, a seamless connection between different worlds and experiences is projected beyond the Readyverse, using a “digital passport” and the “ReadyPass” to ensure portable access to digital goods in all worlds created with Futureverse tools.

The metaverse, according to the Citi analyst report cited, could represent significant economic value, estimating up to $13 trillion by 2030.

In a bigger picture, companies like Apple are also venturing into this space with their Vision Pro headset, a move that is expected to boost the growth of this industry.

Readyverse Studios stands as an innovative and exciting effort to create a vibrant, diverse and connected metaverse, focused on the protection of intellectual property, the democratization of content and the economic potential of the metaverse for years to come.

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