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Decentraland Presents its 2023 Report and its Plans For the Future

Decentraland, the blockchain-based metaverse platform, concluded the year 2023 with a burst of novelties and significant improvements in its infrastructure. In a review of the last quarter of the year, multiple launches and updates stand out, strengthening user experience and fostering creativity in the virtual environment.

Throughout 2023, recognized as the “Year of the Creator,” Decentraland focused on providing comprehensive creation tools, expanding creative possibilities, and enhancing the overall user experience. With an emphasis on empowering creators, the platform released 68 new products, features, and updates throughout the year.

In the final quarter of 2023, the Decentraland team announced significant improvements to its Marketplace, designed to make the purchase of wearables and emotes more accessible and efficient. Marketplace activity notifications, such as item sales, bid acceptances, royalties earned, and more, now enable users to stay informed about key transactions.

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Decentraland Aims to Enhance Gaming Experience and Empower Creators

In partnership with Axelar and Squid, Decentraland also introduced the ability to make Marketplace purchases with a variety of cryptographic tokens from both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. This initiative not only streamlines the purchasing process but also expands payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers, and more.

Regarding creation tools, Decentraland introduced new features in its Web Editor and Software Development Kit (SDK) 7. Now, creators can easily incorporate multimedia elements, such as video streams and audio playback from files, using new smart items in the web editor. Additionally, significant improvements were made to the user interface (UI) of SDK 7, allowing creators to configure relationships between elements and enhance the end-user experience.

In the community sphere, Decentraland highlighted the success of key events during the last quarter of the year, including the launch of Emotes 2.0, participation in the inaugural AI World Fair, and the organization of the innovative Decentraland Music Festival ’23. These events not only brought the community together but also offered interactive experiences, games, and opportunities to explore the potential of the metaverse.

With exciting plans for the future, such as the Wellness Week in January and the Art Week in March, Decentraland aims to solidify its position as a leader in the blockchain-based virtual worlds space. Additionally, with the highly anticipated Ambassador Program launch and the commitment to attend and sponsor more real-world conferences, the team envisions a 2024 full of development and continuous growth for the platform and its community.

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