Star Atlas Unveils SAGE Labs - The First Ever Web3 Space Economy Simulation Game
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Star Atlas Unveils SAGE Labs – The First Ever Web3 Space Economy Simulation Game

Star Atlas is unveiling SAGE Labs, the first space economy simulation game built on the Solana blockchain. This is an early access project to give players an insight into what life in deep space will be like. While this is an early access release, the game will have multiple forms of gameplay. This comes after the release of the Golden Era Destination Starbase.

SAGE Labs will incorporate advanced blockchain technology to provide a suitable GameFi environment. This will ensure that users enjoy advanced gameplay mechanics like crafting and extraction. In addition, it will integrate features from the wider ecosystem, like the Star Atlas Referral Program. Therefore, individuals can earn rewards when other people register via their referral code.

Gameplay Options in the Star Atlas SAGE Labs

Gameplay Options in the Star Atlas SAGE Labs

SAGE Labs stands for Star Atlas Golden Era Labs. This is a fully-developed in-browser game that is currently under development. It features a 2D map that will enable players to discover the 51 space systems in this virtual world. In addition, there will also be an intergalactic marketplace for people to obtain and sell digital items that they can use for gaming.

Players who want to begin their space adventure will join a faction Starbase and meet up with other members at the Central Space Stations. From there, players can assemble their fleets to begin their venture into the metaverse. The selection of spaceships is essential and can affect how well players will succeed when they embark on missions. Every space vessel has unique features, and individuals should assess the stats before choosing an option.

There are three major gameplay in the Star Atlas SAGE Labs. The first aspect is exploration, and it involves navigating through the 51 solar systems that comprise the virtual world. Individuals will use their fleets to scan and retrieve Survey Data Units, which is essential for crafting Golden Tickets. Meanwhile, this exercise costs resources, and players should ascertain the expenditure before embarking on trips.

Nonetheless, individuals will not be aimlessly roaming the Star Atlas Universe. During the curse of their navigation, they will come across numerous asteroid belts and fields where they can mine various resources. To get rarer and more valuable items, individuals will need to venture deep into uncharted parts of space.

Players can then craft various in-game items and other components with the resources they obtain. After creating new parts of digital assets, they can assemble these items into more complex tools and equipment.

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