Gaming Leaders Join Forces with Oasys and XPLA for Hackathon
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Gaming Leaders Join Forces with Oasys and XPLA for Hackathon

XPLA and Oasys are the main companies behind the Beyond Boundaries hackathon. They want to connect different blockchains and make gaming better.

GroundX, Haechi, Hashed, Nexon, Xangle, and Yooldo are sponsoring the event too. Also, these brands will help run the contest and judge the projects.

Unique Skills Brought to the Table

Firstly, each partner offers something special to the hackathon. XPLA is backed by Com2uS and makes tools to help developers. Oasys runs a fast blockchain made for games, and the other sponsors have experience in crypto, gaming, and Web3. So, they will provide advice and get the word out about the event.

Nexon’s Gaming Knowledge

Secondly, a leader from Oasys said having Nexon join is big. Nexon really understands gaming and wants to expand to Web3. Also, they were early supporters of Oasys too and their gaming smarts and blockchain interest will make the hackathon more successful.

Unique Skills Brought to the Table

Learning About Web3 Gaming

Thirdly, XPLA and Oasys are running an online session for coders on August 18th. This will teach participants about making Web3 games. Also, they will get to learn from experienced builders. So, the session informs developers about XPLA and Oasys tech for gaming and connects coders interested in this area.

Oasys and XPLA Planning Exciting Finale for Hackathon

The hackathon ends with a showcase at Dreamplus in Seoul, South Korea, and finalists will demo their new gaming projects. There will be chances to network with others, and XPLA and Oasys will offer $60,000 in prizes for top creations as well. Furthermore, this funding helps developers pursue their ideas.

Judges from All Partner Brands

The projects will be judged carefully by various gaming and tech experts. They will look for innovative, high-quality gaming experiences. So, fifteen finalists will move to the last round, where the judges will pick 9 winners.

Potential to Transform Gaming

This collaborative hackathon could change gaming in big ways. It aims to expand Web3 gaming and make blockchain mainstream. Also, Oasys had success with a previous hackathon in Tokyo and the impressive list of partners for “Beyond Boundaries” promises an even bigger impact.

Open to All Developers

Any developer can apply to join the hackathon through the platform and event website. Participants are encouraged to connect on social media to team up. The sponsors offer support to create an amazing next generation of games. This event pushes the limits of what gaming can be.

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