New Growth in Sunflower Land with First Ever NFT Drop
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New Growth in Sunflower Land with First Ever NFT Drop

Sunflower Land, a vibrant and thriving digital ecosystem, is set to launch its first ever NFTs. Of course, these are none other than their adorable set of Buds.

These unique collectibles are not just pretty to look at but also bring a range of utilities to the fields.

When Will the Minting Start?

On September 26th, as the sun sets, 5,000 one-of-a-kind Bud collectibles will bloom, offering players enhanced ventures. To be precise, the mint will start at 8:00 PM GMT+5 on the mentioned date. These perky petals will guide gardens to greatness and lead to a lot of early partnerships with players as well.

What are Buds?

Firstly, Buds come from seeds that grow under the watchful care of Bumpkins. These are the diligent farmers of Sunflower Land, and they are the ones who help take care of all things on farms. They have been with the farmers in their entire journey and use their secret skills to help grow items.

The stem hats they wear are not just for show either. In fact, they are there to signify the unique style, like cosmetic crowns or stat boosts, and they blend the blessings of the Buds. Some Buds even come with rare Auras, and that is a testament to the magic of the Land!

What are Buds?

A Growing World

Secondly, over the past seasons, Sunflower Land’s fertile soil has nurtured over 100,000 farmers of all kinds. This award-winning landscape lives and evolves endlessly, thanks to the creativity of its community. Buds now plant the seeds of a new era of collectibles within these green pastures.

Bud Varieties in Sunflower Land

Thirdly, the blossoms originate from the 10 different areas of the Land, each granting region-focused boosts. Intriguingly, mischievous whispers suggest that half of them may carry the tell-tale Goblin ears! Each Bud flaunts unique colors, making every Bud beautiful regardless of their traits.

Blooming Futures

Finally, for newcomers to Sunflower Land, Buds offer a pleasant starting point. Veterans, on the other hand, can enlarge their collections as the Land levels up. All players, new and old, appreciate the start of this cheery chapter, with more stories sure to sprout from players’ passions and care. The platform has only just begun bearing fruit, and more is to come!

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