A Treasure Trove Awaits Axie Infinity Players in Lunalog
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A Treasure Trove Awaits Axie Infinity Players in Lunalog

Axie Infinity has launched an awesome new feature on their App, Lunalog! Lunalog is full of info about Lunacia, like badge leaderboards, lore, a Hall of Fame, and much more.

Let’s learn about Lunalog and the new badge leaderboards you can explore now.

Axie Infinity Introduces Lunalog

Lunalog combines “Lunacia” and “catalog” into one word, meaning a treasure trove of data on the Axie universe. It lives in the App and will grow over time. The first addition is badge leaderboards highlighting top collectors and achievements.

The leaderboards shine a light on dedicated players while creating friendly competition. Check where you rank for badges like Mystic Axie ownership or most Axies released. The points system is tailored to each badge.

How to Access the Badge Leaderboards

You will start off by opening App.Axie and then click on the new Lunalog tab. After that, you will select the badge leaderboards option and see the rankings there easily. Of course, this is only the first of many new features that will come soon to Lunalog.

Axie Infinity Introduces Lunalog

Celebrating with a Social Contest

Win a Japanese Axie by being part of the launch contest! Like and repost the announcement anywhere with #lunalog. Also, make a new post that shows your highest leaderboard rank on the app. So, the platform will randomly draw two winners as long as their rank is in the top 500. Help spread the word while showing off your achievements!

The Upcoming Lunalog Catalog

An exciting upgrade called the Lunalog Catalog is also in development. It will reorganize the App with a lore twist and will be a major part of the system. Details are still scarce for now but hey, can you try and say “Lunalog Catalog” 20 times faster while you wait?

Why Lunalog Matters on Axie Infinity

The Axie universe keeps expanding, making it hard for newcomers to know where to begin. Lunalog on the App compiles Axie info and brings it into one perfect hub. Badge leaderboards are the first step on the journey.

Lunalog helps make the game platform even more fun and usable for all Lunacians. Today’s launch gets them 1% better on the road to an amazing Axie experience. Keep watching for the Lunalog Catalog!

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