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CryptoBlades and TryHards AMA Recap: Key Questions and Answers

CryptoBlades has released the highlights of its AMA with TryHards CEO on February 3, 2022. The recap is designed to bring community members that missed the event up to date with important matters that were discussed during the event.

The AMA event focuses on critical questions, such as what is TryHards, how TryHards rewards users, earnings for users, evolution, innovation of TryHards, and more. It was a robust and engaging event that culminated in prizes for attendees. The recap of the AMA and the core questions that were answered are highlighted below:

What is TryHards?

It is an NFT-based action-packed game that offers players the opportunity to collect Weapons and Fanatics NFTs. These NFTs are useful for Arena fights with other players or hordes of monsters within the dungeons. Players can easily upgrade their NFTs to attain a stronger level. This will bring better staking rewards and in-game loot.

The TryHards metaverse will feature many minigames. Currently, the Dapp beta version is live and can be accessed through on the Polygon chain. Players can buy and trade NFTs in the Marketplace and explore the loot box system known as Smuggler.

Unique Features in the Dapp Beta Version

  • Smuggler (Loot Boxes) where players can buy NFTs
  • Plaza where players can trade NFTs
  • TRY-MATIC, which provides liquidity to earn more crafting crystals
  • Staking Rewards where players can earn $TRY by owning NFTs 
  • Leaderboard where players can check their ranking

The main game also has its features, which will be released at the time of the launch. These features include ranked and casual games in the arena, the Achievement system, and many more.

CryptoBlades, TryHards, $TRY Token,

$TRY Token Utility and its Use in TryHards

Players can use the $TRY token to buy energy and NFTs from smugglers. They can also use it to unlock crafting crystals and participate in the DAO. Players can use the token to wager in different ranked matches, and more.

How TryHards Rewards Users

TryHards has staking, lookt box, and liquidity mechanisms that make rewarding players easy. When a player opens a loot box and rolls a refined, unique, or normal, they receive 100 extra crafting crystals to hit the median Universe Power for each loot box.

Earning Potential for TryHards Players

The potential is huge and it all depends on the skills of the players in playing the game. Players can earn ROI within three to four weeks at the current price. They can also earn faster if they are lucky with the loot boxes. According to the game platform, the market forces will determine how fast players can earn ROI.

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