DOGAMÍ Adopts Tezos Blockchain
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DOGAMÍ Adopts Tezos Blockchain for its Virtual Game

DOGAMÍ – a virtual petverse game is adopting Tezos blockchain as the foundation for building its project. This pet based metavers believes Tezos is the right platform for its start of the art project. It even game five reasons why DOGAMÍ adopts Tezos blockchain. It made this announcement via the DOGAMÍ Medium Page. Below are these reasons:

Tezos Consumes Less Energy Than Traditional Blockchains

Blockchain games demand the use of NFTs. After all, this is the means where players own digital assets. Most blockchain that currently support NFTs consume high energy. This accounts for the crackdown on cryptocurrency miners some time ago. Unlike most blockchains, Tezos consumes 2 million times less energy. This means that DOGAMÍ be able to create cleans NFTs.

Gas Fees Are Low on Tezos


Still on NFTs, the gas fees they demand is over the roof. Another reason why DOGAMÍ adopts Tezos blockchain is because of its low gas fees. The average Tezos gas fee is around $0.00232. According to DOGAMÍ, the low gas fees will encourage creators to mint more NFTs. Also, this lowered gas fee will also reflect in the prices of in-game NFTs. Furthermore, affordable NFTs will enable more players buy-in into the game.

It Offers a Scalable and Democratic Ecosystem

In addition to cheap gas fees, Tezos is also democratic. It allows stakeholders vote on updates and improvements in the blockchain. DOGAMÍ will also incorporate this voting process into the course of the Petverse. As such, all players will be able to decide the future of the game. Tezos is also very scalable and can handle in-game transactions. The Tezos blockchain completes 40 transactions per second (40 TPS). Therefore, DOGAMÍ does not have to panic with traffic overload or system crash.

Secure Blockchain With Formal Proofs

As part of security, this blockchain uses the Michelson contract code. This is a mathematical approach that tests the logic of every code. Using this approach increases the correctness and security of the code. In turn, this method increases the security. Therefore, this system ensures that every code does what is assigned to do.

A Strong Community of Developers and Researchers

DOGAMÍ is not the only one adopting the Tezos blockchain. Other individuals adopting this ecosystem are major researchers and developers. Thanks to its unique feature, Tezos currently boasts of a strong community of blockchain researchers and developers. As such, DOGAMÍ will be getting adequate support from various profession as it adopts Tezos.

DOGAMÍ sees itself as the forefront of the evolving blockchain gaming industry. As it adopts Tezos, it will be offering new and unique play-to-earn experience. As such, it importance it builds on the proper platform.

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