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Phantom Galaxies Releases Details of its Origin Collection and Planet Genesis

With the mission to unify traditional and blockchain gamingthe Phantom Galaxies game platform offers utilities that appeal to both audiences. Its Origin Series and Collectors Series NFTs are designed to target both traditional gamers looking for high-quality game experiences and those looking to explore the exciting world of blockchain gaming.

These collections come in different rarities. Some come under the category of limited edition Starfighters & Avatars. Others offer exclusive access to the anticipated Planet Genesis sale. If you only want to play the game without owning or trading NFTs, you do not have to participate in the full sale event.

You only need to purchase and own a Halberd-001 NFT. With this, you can play the four episodes of the Alpha Test game and when the complete game is released, you can buy into the game with the same MMO to play. 

Collectors and crypto-natives, on the other hand, can explore the exciting collection set that offers great rewards to holders. Interested individuals can access the limited edition generative Starfighters & Avatars, and a chance to take part in the planet sale. 

Highlights of the Phantom Galaxies Origin Collection Utility

There are different categories of the Origin Collection Utility and the items in the hands of the participants will determine the type of utility they can mint. Here are the details:

  • Individuals with a complete set of unredeemed posters will get a mintpass to mint a Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter collectible. 
  • A complete set of redeemed posters gives holders a mintpass to mint a Veteran Fleet Generative Starfighter collectible. 
  • A complete set of completion badges gives a mintpass to mint a Zveta Gene Generative Avatar collectible.
  • Hopeful gives a mintpass to mint an Elpis Gene Generative Avatar collectible
  • A complete set of unreedemed posters, redeemed posters, completion badges, and a Hopeful NFT gives a mintpass to mint all four collectibles.

phantom galaxies

Highlights of the Planet Genesis Sale

Phantom Galaxies Planets are unique generative NFTs that gamers can buy, trade, and own. Each planet comes with selected coordinates in the Phantom Galaxies metaverse. Each will possess randomized traits that make each of them unique. Once the governance token of Phantom Galaxies launches, the utility of Planets will increase.

Each Planet has a set quantity of Phantom Galaxies Governance tokens allocated to it and will reward owners with a specific PGToken amount. Holders of Planets can earn Multipliers on PGToken emission up to a particular maximum. Owners can also choose the governance of their Planet and choose how they want to run it.

They can also build structures, such as marketplaces, hangars, refineries, and residential units on their Planets. More information about the Planet Genesis Sale can be found on the official medium and Twitter pages of Phantom Galaxies.

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