Axie Infinity Season 20 Economic Balancing Adjustments
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Axie Infinity Releases Season 20 Economic Balancing Adjustments

Axie Infinity is set to launch season 20. Part of this new season are changes to the tokenomics. Axie is effecting this change as it believes that they will make the game more sustainable.  This announcement was made via the Axie Substack Page. Here the details of the Season 20 Economic Balancing Adjustments.

Details of the Axie Infinity Season 20 Economic Balancing Adjustments

The mission of Axie Infinity is to create an engaging and rewarding game for players. In simpler terms, the game wants to ensure that players can earn rewards while having fun. However, balancing these two separate areas is no mean feat. As such, Axie takes serious responsibility of maintaining economic balance within its gaming ecosystem. Nonetheless, it will continue to consider Axie Infinity Community Members in the decision making process.

Speaking of decisions, below are some of the decisions that make up the season 20 economic balancing adjustments:

  • The daily quest for SLP will be at sunset. It will also be reduced to 0. Adventure mode SLP will also be at unset and reduced to zero. This change also applies to first time completion of this mode.
  • Also, there will be changes to the Arena reward system. There will be lesser AXS and SLP rewards per heads. Instead, the game will spread them across more users. This means an increase in the amount of players in the leaderboard.
  • Players below 800 MMR will now earn 1 SLP per win. This move is in consideration for players with weaker Axies.
  • Axie will also be reworking the energy system scale. The system will become more linear and make additional energy more accessible. It believes that this will boost the demand for weaker Axies.

Other Changes in Axie’s Tokenomics

SLP Reward System

The plans for season 20 are results of deep reflection on the part of Axie Infinity. Over the course of reviewing its reward system, it observed some issues. One of such is Adventure Mode and PVP receiving almost the same amount of SLP rewards. This reward system is not sustainable and will not enable Axie Infinity to succeed. Also, they do not align with Axie’s principles below:

  • The in-game rewards should be used to incentivize social activities that improve the ecosystem.
  • In-game rewards must be earned as a result of skilled activity in the ecosystem.

To stabilize the in-game economy, Axie is removing the 50 SLP players can earn from Adventure mode on a daily basis. As such, this move will remove around 130 million SLP players will receive daily. Also considering how the price of SLP is dropping, Axie Infinity hopes that this economic adjustments will revive it.

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