WorldShards Game Economy Launch Imminent
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WorldShards Game Economy Launch Imminent


  • WorldShards prepares for a major redesign of its game economy.
  • Artifacts and craftable collectible items are introduced as central pieces of the economic system.
  • A token-based economy is set to launch soon, promising new dynamics and strategies for players.

In the WorldShards universe, the economy is gearing up for a significant transformation with the arrival of a new update.

This update, scheduled to coincide with the change of season, will not only bring cosmetic and gameplay changes but will also revolutionize how adventurers interact with the virtual-world of Murrlandia.

Key items in this transformation are artifacts and craftable collectible items.

Artifacts, obtainable through loot chests or player trades, are essential pieces that unlock the ability to create and enhance collectible items.

These items, unique in their characteristics and limited in issuance, are not only coveted for their rarity but also play a crucial role in the emerging game economy.

Creating collectible items is a detailed process that requires linking artifacts to specific workbenches on players’ islands.

This process involves not only standard resources and essences but also a new premium currency called “Gems“.

The combination of these elements not only enables the creation of unique items but also fosters a dynamic market where players can trade and sell their creations on platforms like Open Loot.

However, the real innovation comes with the upcoming implementation of a token-based economy.

These tokens will allow players to enhance the rarity of collectible items, increase attributes such as Luck, and manage Adventure Points.

Adventure Points are crucial for obtaining a special benefit known as the “Blessing of Meowken“, which facilitates token collection during adventures on wild islands.

WorldShards Game Economy Launch Imminent

The integration of this token-based economy promises to enrich the gaming experience in WorldShards

The ability to improve the rarity of items, increase luck to earn more rewards, and manage adventure points to maximize gains all contribute to a deeper and more dynamic gameplay narrative.

With the imminent arrival of the update, WorldShards players are eager to dive into these new mechanics.

Anticipation for the summer sales, where artifacts will be available, is palpable.

Meanwhile, the development team continues to refine and adjust final details to ensure that this transition to a more complex and rewarding economy is as smooth as possible.

WorldShards is not just changing the game; it is redefining how players interact and thrive in its digital blockchain-universe.

With each update, the promise of a virtual world where strategy, creativity, and collaboration among players are key to success and satisfaction in Murrlandia grows stronger.

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