Forbes buys land in The Sandbox, solidifying its belief in the transformative potential of the metaverse
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Forbes buys land in The Sandbox, solidifying its belief in the transformative potential of the metaverse


  1. Forbes enters The Sandbox, betting on the metaverse and its potential.
  2. A virtual community space is established with interactive experiences and exclusive events.
  3. The integration of QR codes amplifies interactivity, marking a milestone in the metaverse experience.

Forbes, the prestigious business and finance magazine, has taken a bold step into the future by acquiring land in The Sandbox metaverse.

This strategic move not only represents a deeper commitment to the web3 space, but also underscores Forbes belief in the transformative potential of the metaverse.

With this new acquisition, Forbes seeks to establish a dynamic virtual meeting point that encourages interaction and collaboration between members of its web3 community.

The Sandbox metaverse is renowned for its expansive and interactive virtual world, and is now home to Forbes digital domain.

This space is envisioned as an epicenter for leaders, thinkers and innovators, where various interactive experiences, workshops and events designed to bring together minds from different sectors will be offered.

Highlights of this virtual environment include a luxurious pool, an elegant bar and a gallery dedicated to honoring the 2024 Under 30 recipients.

Taha Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer of Forbes, has expressed that this foray into the metaverse is an example of Forbes commitment to the forefront of technological innovation.

This investment not only sets a new standard for the metaverse experience, but also offers new opportunities for the company community to connect, learn, and grow together in an immersive virtual environment.

Forbes has integrated QR codes into its virtual space in The Sandbox as part of a gamification and interaction strategy

These QR codes offer participants access to exclusive content and experiences designed to enrich their understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Despite market trends showing a decline in the average price of virtual land in The Sandbox, Forbes remains steadfast in its long-term strategy and vision.

This move not only represents an expansion into new digital territories, but is also an invitation to celebrate innovation, achievement and community in a vibrant and ever-evolving virtual environment.

Forbes foray into The Sandbox marks a significant milestone in the convergence between the physical and digital worlds, demonstrating its commitment to exploring new technological frontiers and creating innovative experiences for its global community.

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