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Everdome Announces Major Engagement Action Coming to City Headquarters


  • Everdome announces a groundbreaking event on March 6, marking a significant expansion in building and interaction capabilities within City Headquarters.
  • Evernauts will have more freedom to express their creativity and build communities within the metaverse with the introduction of personalized multimedia elements and expanded communication options.
  • Everdome Themed Weeks are on the way. Offering a variety of activities and special events, highlighting the potential of the metaverse as a space for collaboration and innovation with the participation of special guests from various sectors.

Everdome is poised to take a giant leap into the future on March 6. The company has announced a groundbreaking event that promises to take the Evernauts’ experience to a whole new level. This event will mark a significant expansion in building and interaction capabilities within the virtual world of City Headquarters.

Since its inception. Everdome has worked to provide users with the necessary tools to express their creativity and connect with others in an immersive digital environment. With this next step. Evernauts will have even more freedom to bring their ideas to life and build communities within the metaverse.

One of the most important features to be introduced at this event is the ability to incorporate personalized multimedia elements into virtual spaces. Creators will be able to add images, videos, and other media to further enrich their experiences within Everdome. Additionally, communication options will be expanded with the introduction of voice chat, text chat, and new avatar interactions. Allowing for greater immersion and connection among users.

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The Everdome Themed Weeks Are on the Way

The event will also mark the beginning of themed weeks at Everdome. Where a variety of activities and special events will be presented. From conferences with technology experts to design contests and live Q&A sessions. These themed weeks will offer Evernauts the opportunity to explore different aspects of the metaverse and connect with a variety of people and ideas.

In addition to providing entertainment and learning opportunities. These themed weeks will serve as a showcase for the potential of Everdome’s metaverse as a space for collaboration and innovation. Special guests from various sectors, including web3 pioneers, cutting-edge technology companies, and real-world organizations. Will demonstrate how the metaverse can be used as a tool for creative projects, product launches, and more.

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