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Guild Of Guardians Announces Act 2: Guardians Unite, To ‘Elevate Social Gameplay to New Heights’


  • Guild of Guardians launches Act 2: Guardians Unite, focused on enhancing the social and collaborative experience of the game.
  • Guild Power will introduce improvements for guild members, encouraging loyalty and commitment through skills unlocked and upgraded with Unity Stone.
  • Avatars will have unique effects and customization options, allowing players to stand out and express their individuality within the game.

Guild of Guardians has unveiled its much-anticipated Act 2: Guardians Unite, a new phase of the game aimed at taking the social and collaborative experience to the next level. Several features will be introduced to foster cooperation and teamwork among players, transforming the dynamics of the game.

One of the most important additions is Guild Power, a feature that grants boosts to all guild members. These boosts are lost if a player leaves the alliance, encouraging loyalty and commitment. The guild level determines the skills that can be unlocked and upgraded, motivating commanders to strive for higher levels. To improve guild skills, Unity Stone is required, which is obtained through player donations and guild quests. Only certain privileged members can upgrade these skills.

Quests have also been modified. Now, players can undertake daily tasks with different qualities and designated guardians. Each task requires a specific guardian and has a countdown timer. Once completed, rewards can be collected. Tasks not collected reset daily, while those in countdown remain until completion. These quests will offer individual rewards and contribute to the guild’s overall progress and success.

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Guild of Guardians Revamps Its Gaming Experience

Avatars will also play a more significant role in this Act. Players can synchronize their Commander Avatars in web3 and extract them to inventory through the Vault. Each Avatar has unique effects that activate immediately upon entering the inventory, allowing players to customize their profiles. With a wide range of customization options, Avatars provide a unique identity within the game, enabling players to stand out and express their individuality.

Act 2 will also introduce several special events: an endless mode and a single leaderboard. These events feature rune sets and more challenging monster characteristics. They may include restrictions and buffs, as well as rewards for both new and veteran players.

The new set of features will be available starting July 3, 2024. Additionally, during the next Town Hall on Discord, Clay will provide an update on the development of other key features for Act II, including guild raids and crafting.

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