It is Finally Here! Axie Infinity Origins Season 9 Epic Era is Now Live
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It is Finally Here! Axie Infinity Origins Season 9 Epic Era is Now Live


  • The Epic Era of Season 9 of Axie Origins has begun, offering exciting rewards on the leaderboard.
  • Gauntlet Mode will arrive on July 1st, where players can compete for SLP rewards.
  • Introducing Arcade Mode: Summer Fight, a new experience with summer-themed rewards.

The season 9 of Axie Infinity has kicked off with the highly anticipated Epic Era of Origins, promising players a series of challenges and thrilling rewards.

Following the closure of the Rare Era, where J0N stood out at the top of the leaderboard, players now have the opportunity to compete for a share of the impressive 24.3K AXS prize.

This upcoming period, spanning from June 26th to July 10th, is poised to serve as a significant trial for the game’s most skilled and ambitious strategists.

One of the highly anticipated additions is the Gauntlet Mode, scheduled to commence on July 1st.

During this mode, participants will confront challenges enhanced by randomly assigned rune buffs, all while vying for valuable SLP rewards.

Successful navigation of each Gauntlet session hinges on players’ strategic selection of buffs to optimize their chances of achieving victory, aiming to secure seven consecutive wins with no more than two losses.

Moreover, players can fully engage themselves in Arcade Mode: Summer Fight, an immersive experience designed to celebrate the season with exclusive summer ticket rewards.

It is Finally Here! Axie Infinity Origins Season 9 Epic Era is Now Live

These tickets can be redeemed in the Summer Shop of Axie Infinity

The tickets we use it for exclusive cosmetics and crafting items for runes and charms, available from June 26th to August 21st.

Axie Infinity has introduced a Bounty Board button on the Home screen, making it easier for players to access their daily Origins tasks.

These updates not only enhance accessibility but also enrich the overall player experience by providing tools and options to maximize fun and efficiency in the game.

Season 9’s Epic Era not only brings competitive and thrilling challenges but also new opportunities to explore and enjoy the expansive virtual-world of Axie Infinity.

Whether climbing the leaderboard, facing the Gauntlet with clever strategies, or diving into the vibrant atmosphere of Arcade Mode: Summer Fight, players are invited to participate in this adventure promising limitless rewards and excitement.

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