Avalanche-Based Game BloodLoop Launches Play-to-Airdrop Campaign on Epic Games Store
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Avalanche-Based Game BloodLoop Launches Play-to-Airdrop Campaign on Epic Games Store


  • BloodLoop, an Overwatch-style shooter, has launched a play-to-airdrop campaign alongside its debut on the Epic Games Store on PC.
  • Players can complete daily and weekly quests to earn points that will translate into Avalanche tokens at the end of the campaign.
  • Limited server availability during specific windows adds an element of exclusivity to the gaming experience.

BloodLoop, an Overwatch-inspired shooter, has burst onto the video game scene with an innovative strategy: combining its launch on the Epic Games Store with a play-to-airdrop campaign.

This initiative aims not only to attract new players but also to reward early adopters with cryptographic tokens.

The game’s mechanics focus on completing daily and weekly quests that award points to players. These points will determine the amount of Avalanche tokens they receive at the end of the campaign.

Following a structure similar to other successful games like Nyan Heroes and Shrapnel, BloodLoop limits server availability to specific time windows, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity among players.

Developed by a team based on Avalanche, the game has strategically positioned itself on the Epic Games Store platform, which boasts a user base of 75 million monthly active players.

This visibility promises to boost the game’s reach and expand its community from day one.

Avalanche-Based Game BloodLoop Launches Play-to-Airdrop Campaign on Epic Games Store

Innovation and Exclusivity in BloodLoop Gaming

BloodLoop’s strategy of linking gameplay with cryptographic rewards represents a significant innovation in the shooter gaming space.

By incentivizing players with tokens that hold real value in the Avalanche ecosystem, the game not only encourages active participation but also introduces players to the emerging possibilities of blockchain technology in digital entertainment.

The play-to-airdrop campaign rewards not only the time spent in-game but also the progress and skill of players during active play windows.

This approach democratizes rewards, focusing not just on time invested but on performance and achievement within the game.

BloodLoop’s debut on the Epic Games Store and its early adoption of Avalanche technology tokenizes the game’s value in a novel way.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve toward more interactive and decentralized models, BloodLoop positions itself as a pioneer at the intersection of traditional gaming and emerging technologies like blockchain.

BloodLoop not only offers a competitive and thrilling gaming experience but also opens new doors to a future where active participation can directly translate into tangible benefits for players.

This blend of technological innovation and compelling gameplay strategy promises to capture the attention of a global audience of gamers eager for new experiences and opportunities in the modern gaming world.

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