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Outer Ring MMO Welcomes Kinepolis to Provide Cinema Services in Its Metaverse

Kinepolis, a popular cinema chain, has teamed up with Outer Ring MMO to be the first cinema group to create its own virtual space in a video game.

Customers will be able to purchase tickets, watch trailers, access exclusive content, and talk about the latest films, all within the virtual world.

Kinepolis Group Enters the Metaverse

With over 110 cinema complexes around the world, Kinepolis is now making its foray into the metaverse. Outer Ring MMO, developed by Maniac Panda Games, is an open-world video game set in a sci-fi universe. It offers many adventures, social experiences, and virtual events to its players, a virtual cinema now being one of them. This collaboration will allow players to engage with the Kinepolis brand and other users in real time while remaining immersed in the metaverse itself.

Buy Cinema Tickets Using Crypto

Kinepolis can now use cryptocurrencies or fiat payment gateways within the Outer Ring platform to sell physical products, cinema tickets, digital collectibles, game items, and skins. This partnership is a significant step forward in the evolution of the metaverse. 

Kinepolis’ Strong Cinema History Will Play a Big Role

Kinepolis Group originated in 1997 from the merger of two family-owned cinema groups. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 1998. They are committed to providing innovative cinema experiences. Also, they are involved in event organization, on-screen advertising, and real estate management.

Kinepolis Group operates 112 cinemas worldwide, with over 1,137 screens and 200,000 seats in Europe, the US, and Canada. Kinepolis Spain runs ten complexes, including the three largest cinemas in Spain, with 157 screens and almost 38,000 seats. The group is dedicated to offering millions of cinemagoers unforgettable cinema experiences every day. Taking a step into the virtual world only seems to be a natural thing to do for them at this point.

Everyone is Eager to See the Outcome

The partnership between Kinepolis and Outer Ring presents a unique opportunity for businesses to explore the potential of the metaverse. This collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the cinema industry. Also, it provides a new platform for companies to connect with their customers. It will also serve as a demo for businesses from other mainstream industries that are eager to offer their services in the metaverse.

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