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The Sandbox Marketplace Launches Hell Diggers Tower of Lust NFT Collection

The Sandbox has launched the Tower of Lust NFT collection on its marketplace. Players will be opportune to get these Hell Diggers’ digital assets that they can use in a series of quests to reach the top of the dungeon. There will be 3 epic experiences that holders of these items will enjoy within the Sandverse.

Despite the seemingly “hellish” theme behind this experience, it relates more to a theater than dungeons and caves. The non-fungible tokens to be sold feature cinemas and musical performance than anything else. Hell Diggers is supplying 15 more items to their collection, bringing the total to 40 NFTs.

Digital Assets in The Sandbox Tower of Lust NFT Collection

The Tower of Lust NFT Collection will be available for sale on The Sandbox marketplace. From 7:00 AM UTC on the 31st of March, players will get to purchase these digital assets.

Below are the new additions:

  • Asmodeus, the Monarch of Lust: This is not just any Monarch. She is a revue leader of her cabaret. Although she was once an angel like Lucifer, Asmodeus will neither reveal her past nor imply anything that will give anyone a hint. She is the only in-game character in this drop.
  • Cabaret Theater Loge: This is a box with seats and curtains to provide you with a personal cinema experience. Hell, too, can be entertaining.
  • Burlesque Armor: If you want to have the eyes of the entire metaverse on you, this is the NFT for you. It features a jacket, hat, gloves, and boots to capture the attention of everyone when you step on stage. The only drawback is that you have to purchase each item separately.
  • Barrel Organ: This is a musical instrument that allows the user to hits very high musical notes.
  • Steel Cage: This is a platform for cinematic performance that allows dancers to suspend from the air. In addition, players can also punish their enemies by looking them in this enclosure.
  • Cabaret Table Candles: Give your land that necessary touch of elegance by introducing these beautifully decorated candles.
  • Asmodeus Fan: Named after the goddess, this is an artifact that you can display on your land. It is a testament to the owner’s courage as a hell digger.
  • Elegant Rapier: Do not leave your land unprotected. This long, thin, and beautiful sword is flexible and elaborate, which will help you skewer anyone that trespasses.

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