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DeRace Part 82: Friday Development Update

The DeRace team has been able to complete huge milestones this week. They are making a lot of progress towards their goal of creating a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse.

Each week gets more and more exciting and they are eager to share the latest update. So, let’s take a closer look at the goals from this week.

DeRace Jockey Skills NFT Development

The game design team has been working on customizing the visual side of the Jockey Silk NFTs. So, they have been testing many backgrounds for the auto-generating NFT images. Hence, a lot of work is being put into making a customizable Silk NFT generator. So, it will make many variations of Silks with custom colors, patterns, and company logos as well.

These new options will lead to new collaboration opportunities and generate unique NFTs that stand out on the platform.

DeRace Jockey Interaction and Other Mechanics

The team has also completed the Jockey in-game mechanics. So, they can now interact with other game elements such as NFT horses and equipment, which is quite amazing. The logic for bonding and experience is also successfully completed. So, the team is now done finalizing the mechanics of Jockey’s racing style and personality. This element will result in even more excitement for players on the track.


Highly Anticipated DeRace Marketplace

The in-game marketplace is one of the most important features of the platform, and it is almost complete now. Their team has put countless days and nights into it to ensure that all major features are final and working in the test-net environment.

Additionally, they are now testing all aspects of the marketplace to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently. Once testing is complete, the marketplace will allow players to trade their in-game NFT assets with others. So they will be able to jump into races right away.

They are quite excited about how the marketplace will perform with real users and eager to make it public so that players can experience it and show its real potential.

About DeRace

DeRace is revolutionizing the NFT market by letting players interact fully with their NFT horses. So they will be able to have complete control of their own hippodromes. DeRace is on track to create a unique and exciting P2E NFT horse racing metaverse.

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