The Sandbox and ERM Labs Collab on the "Escape Room Metaverse" Project
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The Sandbox and ERM Labs Collab on the “Escape Room Metaverse” Project

Virtual gaming just got a lot more fun, thanks to the new partnership between The Sandbox and ERM LABS. The web 3.0 platform that offers modern solutions to the real-life entertainment trade is officially in the metaverse now.

So, the launch of the Escape Room Metaverse (ERM) in The Sandbox is its first step.

Real-Life Escape Room Intellectual Properties with The Sandbox

Firstly, ERM LABS and The Sandbox will create global real-life escape room intellectual properties (IPs). It will be within the 12 x 12 plot of LAND, the “Escape Room Metaverse (ERM)”. This will be a virtual hub for the most amazing and fun escape room experiences.

Many gaming studios will join to make games for the ERM community within The Sandbox. So, they will work on all sorts of solutions and products to fit the theme of this metaverse.

Bringing the Physical Escape Room Online in The Sandbox

Secondly, offline escape room players will now be able to continue their games online and see a virtual escape room. ERM LABS will offer new web 3.0 and metaverse solutions to all escape room partners. So they can convert their physical designs and models into digital products.

Bringing the Physical Escape Room Online in The Sandbox

ERM LABS Founder Wing Wu says, “As the largest owner of escape room IPs on the metaverse, we are proud to bring puzzle and game enthusiasts closer to their favorite global escape room gameplay, connecting them to an exciting metaverse experience.”

TWW Collection: An Extended Creative Game Content

Thirdly, TWW Collection is some extra game content that mimics real-life escape rooms in North America. So, players can check out the historical, mythical worlds on the metaverse. The first wonder, Atlantis – The Lost Kingdom, is a single-player game from Blockdork Studio. It is built using The Sandbox Game Maker 0.8.

The escape room game works using the RNG system to ensure alternative endings. So, there are also great visual and sound effects to offer an amazing storyline and puzzles!

A Strategic Partnership for a Creator Economy

Finally, the two projects, ERM LABS and The Sandbox, share a common goal. They want to promote true digital ownership and a creator economy. Both companies are delighted to be aligned in this venture.

The Sandbox metaverse has a competitive advantage due to its global partnerships. Players who successfully complete the quests in a timely manner will receive incentives and NFTs as an award. This will allow them to access the next challenge escape room game as a result.

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