Life Beyond Early May Update
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Life Beyond Issues Early May Update Notes

Life Beyond has issued the Early May Update for the new month. This patch note features detailed changes to gameplay, from the Agent Zero Jacket to the Art Gallery and other product launches. It also includes bug fixes and other modifications that will improve the gaming experience, even some fixes on the play-to-earn side of the game.

While issuing this update, the team paid tribute to the founders. The game is dedicating a particular section of the hub for this purpose. It will contain the names of the first 500 individuals to join Life Beyond. This will ensure that those who supported and helped build the project get their deserved privilege and respect.

Details of the Life Beyond Early May Update

Life Beyond is adding new features to its gaming hub. This is why it is releasing this update to inform layers of the recent happenings. The first aspect of this press release is the Agent Zero Jacket.  In no time, players will be able to wear these clothes that offer superhuman abilities in the hub. Those who purchase these digital items as NFTs will be able to use them in customizing their in-game avatars.

Another important aspect of the Life Beyond Early May Update is the Art Gallery. This is a part of the hub that holds significant aspects of history/ Before the move to Columbus1, the habitants lived on the surface in peace. There was an attack, and the people had to flee.

Most personnel were confined to Columbus1 after the base attack. However, they were able to gather significant information before going underground. They have now made this data available for other people to learn from. The details are stored at the Gallery Terminal. Interested persons can head over there to see the plants, landscapes, and strange things that they might come across in the future.

Details of the Life Beyond Early May Update

Meanwhile, there have been reports of the avatar holograms malfunctioning. Life Beyond wants to ensure that the technology that avatars use for in-Hub displays is top-notch. This implies the sparks or other effects that occur when players summon the hologram is normal. The aim is to continually remind prospective pioneers that they are maintaining costly tech devices. This approach will make people treat these gadgets and equipment with more respect.

Bug Fixes

Besides the modifications to gameplay, Life Beyond has also fixed bugs to ensure seamless gameplay. Some of them include the following:

  • Changing the “Global Illumination Quality” in the graphic user settings.
  • Smoother head and body rotations of in-game characters.
  • Changing mouse sensitivity.
  • Toggle the Y-axis inversion.
  • Remapping bindings for international keyboard layouts.
  • HD screen resolution is now available.
  • HUD emote wheel picture display.

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