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Mon Protocol Joins Forces with Immutable: Unlocking New Horizons for Blockchain Gaming IPs


  • Mon Protocol announces a strategic partnership with Immutable, a leader in web3 gaming, aiming to expand and strengthen its ecosystem.
  • Level 1 projects backed by Immutable will be introduced to the protocol, opening up new growth opportunities.
  • Mon will contribute marketing expertise, while Immutable will focus on user acquisition strategies for Level 1 gaming projects.

Mon Protocol, the publishing protocol for blockchain-based games and intellectual properties, has announced a strategic partnership with Immutable, the web3 gaming platform. This union aims to expand, strengthen, and consolidate their ecosystem.

According to the agreement, Level 1 projects already backed by Immutable will be introduced to the Mon Protocol, creating new opportunities for exposure and growth for these projects.

One of the main advantages of the partnership lies in the synergy between the strengths of both platforms. Mon Protocol will bring its marketing experience and community exposure strategies, while Immutable will utilize these resources to focus on social awareness and user acquisition strategies for Level 1 gaming projects on its platform.

Giulio Xiloyannis, co-founder of the protocol, highlighted the potential to drive the development and adoption of web3 games. Xiloyannis believes that the combination of the rapidly growing user bases of both platforms will create a conducive environment for success and innovation in the blockchain gaming industry.

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Mon Protocol Receives Backing from Major Web3 Investors

Through Zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) technology, Immutable allows multiple transactions to be combined into one unit to minimize gas fees and maintain fast transaction speeds. Additionally, Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon. Offers a dedicated chain for games with EVM compatibility, low costs, and massive scaling capabilities.

Mon Protocol, on the other hand, has positioned itself as the leading publisher of blockchain-native IP and games. Providing projects with the opportunity to reach a wider base of players and fans. The platform also rewards loyal communities and includes users in the long-term success of projects through fractional ownership.

Moreover, they are backed by prominent investors such as the Inevitable Gaming Fund. Foresight Ventures, Delphi Ventures, and The Spartan Group, as well as angel investors and industry-leading founders. This is a key point in the strategy of both platforms to enhance the development and adoption of web3.

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