Axie Infinity PVP Arena Season 21
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Axie Infinity Announces the Release of Season 21

Axie Infinity announces the release of season 21 of the PVP Arena mode. In addition, this will also be the final season of the classic version. This update comes after the release of the new Origin Ecosystem. In this edition, there will be no balancing changes to the game’s tokenomics.

Details of the Axie Infinity PVP Arena Season 21

Season 21 will run from the 25th of April to the 24th of June 2022. More so, Axie Infinity intends to end the classic with significant strides. As such, it is increasing the prize pool to a whopping 130,171.90 AXS. At the current rate of $45 per one AXS token, this amounts to $5,857,736.

Besides the earnings of winners, there will also be other significant changes. They include the following:

  • There will be an increase in the number of players to receive rewards this season. 300,000 players to be exact.
  • Despite the increase of players on the leaderboard, the winners will even earn more prizes compared to other seasons. For example, the user who finishes in the first position will earn 500 AXS. Which is double the regular amount.

Axie Infinity Season 21 Rewards

When issuing the update, the game reinstated its desire to ensure that gameplay remains competitive. As such, there will be a steady increase in the AXS prizes over time. More so, this will occur simultaneously with patches and upgrades coming to the Origin ecosystem.

Changes to the Axie Infinity Builders Program

Earlier on, Axie Infinity announced the launch of the Builders Program. With its launch, developers will have a blockchain, resources and mentorship to build their own projects. On the 22nd of April, the game made some changes to certain aspects of the agreement. Here are the new clauses of the contract:

  • Minimum $5k grant in AXS to go towards their project, with a total of 5,000 AXS (~$400k) in grants available for this program
  • Guidance from SM engineering
  • Additional guidance from SM game design and product
  • Exclusive access to integrations such as Ronin SSO, Ronin Network testnet, and Ronin Wallet
    • Domains whitelisted for the Ronin Wallet can ask players to sign a message. Once a message has been signed by the player, the player can access the Axies they own and use them in the game/experience created.
  • Exclusive access to API documentation for partner developers
  • Promotion of their project by Sky Mavis to the community
  • Access to art/asset packs

There are also changes to the monetization process of their projects. Furthermore, interested persons can read the updated details of this program.

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