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Axie Infinity Launches the Axie Infinity Builders Program

Axie Infinity is taking a significant step towards achieving a community centered mission. It is doing this by launching the Axie Infinity Builders Program. This program will serve as an initial community building experiment. Through the builders program, Axie will provide developers with the resources they need. It will promotion, support, and tools to its community developers.

Developers will be able to build compelling and valuable gaming experiences with these resources. The announcement of this Axie support program was made via the Axie Substack Page. Here are the details of this program.

Details of the Axie Infinity Builders Program

Axie Infinity’s ecosystem centers around their community. Its community is the fundamental driver of its value generation system. This is because the ideas of members have led to the creation of mini-games in the past. Such games include the early Flappy Axie and Axie Sushi. These projects drove community engagement in 2018/2019. Following the release of Ronin, Axie discontinued these ideas.

Those earlier ideas had a significant and positive impact on community engagement. Therefore, Axie Infinity is seeking to encourage more of them. Doing so will strengthen its community’s ability to create gaming experiences. More so, it will be able to also manage the risks to Axie community members and its gaming network.

Benefits of this Program

Axie Infinity Builders Program

There is a lot in store for the selected participants for this program. Interested developers can Apply for the program by clicking on this link.

Below are some reasons you should participate in the builders program:

  • Selected persons will receive minimum grants of $5k worth of AXS to execute their project. This is part of the $400k (5,000 AXS) grant set aside for this program.
  • They will receive guidance from SM engineering, game design and product.
  • Developers will have access to Ronin SSO, Ronin Network testnet, and Ronin Wallet.
  • Sky Mavis will also promote all the developed project to the Axie community.
  • Developers can monetize their project, but will have to follow these rules:
    • Payment will be done in AXS or SLP
    • They must burn at least 10% of the revenue they generate into the community treasury.
    • Follow the monetization models of the SM team

Criteria for Participating in the Axie Builders Program

Not every developer may be able to participate in this program. Here are some criteria you must have to be able to participate:

  • Developer’s goals, culture and mindset must align with those of Sky Mavis.
  • Their project must pass engineering assessment and feasibility test.
  • Developers must be committed to their project.
  • Such projects must have potentials to positively impact the Axie Community and Economy.
  • Developers MUST not abuse the privileges to access to Sky Mavis tools and platforms.

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