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Genopets Issues Status Report #020

The move-to-earn NFT-based RPG game, Genopets, has released Status Report #020. The status report highlights the backend activities the team has concluded within the past month. These cover early renderings, explorations, and prototypes.

The highlights include the final testing phase of the Feed and Fetch project and the upcoming launch of the Paper Starships. 

Highlights of the Status Update

According to Genopets, users can now check out the unique treasures found by their Genopets with Banking Rewards. Whenever users take steps while performing their daily activities, their Genopets are exploring the metaverse to find toys and food.

Whenever you banks 1000+ steps, they give their in-game pet the permission to retain their found Food and Toys. These are required to nurture them in Nurture mini-games.

Nurture Mini Games: Feed and Fetch

Genopets game has revealed that the next features it will launch on its Road to Augmentation are the Nurture mini games – Feed and Fetch. Users can combine these games with Petting to increase the affection and care they show to their pets.


Feed and Fetch are mini-games and different from Petting. They need Energy to play. Also, while Petting impacts the Love Score of users’ Genopets, Feed and Fetch affect their Nutrition and Joy Scores.

At the launch of these features, gamers are encouraged to fill up the Love, Nutrition, and Joy Rings for their Genopets before Banking. This will improve their Energy conversion.

Highlights of the Paper Starship Referral Campaign

Users who share personal referral codes with friends will receive a Paper Starship. The referral codes are available regularly. Users who share their code before Monday receive five additional invite codes in their accounts.

Also, users who use these invites to introduce five more friends into the metaverse before 11:59 PT on February 13 will get ten more Paper Starships.

Other Highlights in the Status Report

Genopets announced it has a new blog and will move some of its best articles from the medium to this blog. It will also add more new articles. Therefore, community members should expect articles to first be published on the Genopets blog before they get to the medium.

The game platform also mentioned that it created a step-by-step video guide on how to Craft. Other highlights include:

  • Every user gets a +1 with their referral code
  • The team implemented a new camera system to adapt for Genopets of all stages, levels, and sizes.
  • The Inventory Screen is restored
  • The game upgraded the Bank Button with Step Efficiency Rating

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