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Monsta Infinite Unveils the Monsta Launchpad

Like many other blockchain games, Monsta Infinite is evolving its game into an entire ecosystem. This involves the introduction of the Infiniteverse, which will lay the foundation for further development. To fully incorporate the Monsta Metaverse, Monsta is introducing the Monsta Launchpad.

This comes after the game teased its users of an upcoming surprise. It made this announcement via its medium page. Here is everything you need to know about this Launchpad.

Details of the Monsta Launchpad

Monsta Launchpad is live

The Monsta Launchpad is a platform where other startup projects can grow. It was unveiled on the 9th of December by 07:00 GMT+1. Monsta understands the importance of having multiple and diverse projects in its Metaverse. With new projects coming on boards, it will have to improve the current projects in the Metaverse. This will in turn aid the co-development of the entire Monsta Verse.

One of the projects set for the Monsta Pad is Juggyswap. It will be Monsta’s native exchange platform. While most games often opt for Opensea for the liquidity of in-game assets, few have their own in-game marketplace.

However, Juggyswap will take digital asset exchange to a whole new level. Considering that the Monsta Launchpad will be supporting various projects, they will all be using Juggyswap for trading. More like Monsta’s own Opensea.

This is just beginning, as it plans to make upgrades and add new features to the pad. Juggyswap will have various liquidity pools called Juggyfarm. In the Juggyfarm, users will be able to stake MONI and earn LOA or other tokens. This will not affect the various MONI pools on third party exchanges.

Monsta Incubation Program

So far, there has the mentioning of “projects” in the unveiling of the Launchpad. One important factor to note is that the Launchpad is not specifically for Monsta Infinite’s projects alone. Monsta will be working with various startups whole projects align with their vision. The startup does not need to list on the Monsta Pad before it can participate in the incubation program. However, Monsta Infinite is still looking to provide support to projects looking to build on the Monsta Chain.

Before any project will benefit from this incubation, it will have to meet criteria set by Monsta. This is to ensure that members of the Monsta community get to access only quality projects in the Infinite. The introduction of quality projects will strengthen the development of the Monsta Metaverse. This will in turn create a higher intrinsic value for MONI. MONI will have more use cases and there will be an increase in demand for it.

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