Orbitau Gaming operation Changes Announcement
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Orbitau Announces Gaming Operation Changes

Orbitau has announced that it will be implementing some gaming operation changes. According to the press release, the team is temporarily suspending operations. This is essential, especially in recent times when player participation has dropped and there has been a lingering crypto winter. The volatile market indicates an extended period of a downtrend, and the team is taking measures to ensure they see out this period.

While issuing this update, the team appreciated players who have been part of the project from the beginning. Meanwhile, they promised to maintain the initiatives that foster a better user experience after the storm. This includes improved versions, mini-games and seasonal events to maintain the interest of community members. Orbitau hopes that these benefits will compensate for the drop in investment value.

Details of the Orbitau Gaming Operation Changes

Orbitau Gaming operation Changes

While making this announcement, the team hoped this suspension would not lead to a permanent closure. They hope to return when market conditions become more favourable and continue to offer GameFi services to community members. They also advised players against panicking, as their investments are still very safe.

In the meantime, below are the details of the Orbitau Gaming Operation Changes:

  • Changing the GameFi mechanism from Play-to-Earn to Play and Earn. Henceforth, the dev team will focus on creating much improved and enjoyable gameplay. This contrasts with enterprises where people can make quick bucks from playing games.
  • To support this change in mechanism, Orbitau will add $20,000 to the reward pool from 06:00 AM UTC 7th Nov 2022 to 06:00 AM UTC 7th Dec 2022. This liquidity will ensure that active gamers will continue to benefit from the system. The team promises not to close the server till the last user leaves.
  • Appreciation gifts will be introduced for every hero that players own. Once the registration portal opens by 06:00 AM UTC on the 7th of November, Orbitau will send players 0.5 $USDT. Interested users can register here.
  • Meanwhile, there will be no changes to all ongoing in-game events. The usual PVP ranking event will begin on the first day and end on the last day of the month. World Boss will also continue to hold every week.

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