Voxie Tactics Recaps Latest Updates and Announces Upcoming Improvements
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Voxie Tactics Recaps Latest Updates and Announces Upcoming Improvements


  • Voxie Tactics released several updates including the Item Minter, the Arcanist’s Forge, and Consumables. They are also working on a new tutorial mode and bug fixes.
  • The game is getting new features like a summer event with a new leaderboard and a partnership with OpenSea. They are also designing new abilities.
  • The marketing team is releasing new content like educational videos and a social media campaign.

Voxie Tactics, having launched on the Unity Engine just a month ago, continues to impress the blockchain gaming community with a flurry of updates and announcements for exciting features to come. The development team has been busy implementing various improvements, including the activation of the Item Minter, the Arcanist’s Forge, and the return of Consumables.

Additionally, five updates packed with balance adjustments and gameplay enhancements have already been rolled out. The developers expressed their gratitude to the community for providing valuable feedback that is instrumental in shaping the Voxie Tactics experience. This week’s Dev Diary dives into the specifics of what the team has been working on.

Game Development and Design

The Game Dev team is focused on refining various aspects of the game to ensure a smoother experience for players. Efforts include optimizing battle preparation assets to reduce login times, creating a new tutorial mode for onboarding new players, improving backend error identification and resolution processes, and developing new attack animations for spear and dagger weapons.

The Game Design team is actively monitoring community feedback to optimize gameplay. They are currently playtesting in-battle damage calculations, working on documentation for dual-wielding mechanics, and reviewing equipment balance. Additionally, they are engrossed in designing new abilities for future implementation.

Game Economy and Web Development

Voxie Tactics Recaps Latest Updates and Announces Upcoming Improvements

The game economy team is busy crafting upcoming campaigns that will provide the community with more opportunities to earn VOXEL, the game’s currency. An exciting summer event is also in the works, featuring a new rare arena leaderboard reward structure and a fresh partner campaign with OpenSea, a popular NFT marketplace.

The WebDev team has been relentless in fixing bugs and adding valuable resources for players. They recently relaunched the Arcanist’s Forge and the Item Minter, both crucial for crafting and customizing in-game items.

They are also working on features such as battle history data as a player resource, forge transaction history, and enhanced transaction history that encompasses tavern purchases, token claims, and rewards.

Marketing Team

The marketing team is not lagging behind, churning out engaging content to keep the community hooked. They are scheduled to release new class and race content for the Voxie library next week. Additionally, educational video content featuring Zueljin, a well-known figure in the gaming community, is being rolled out. They have also launched a GM (Game Master) campaign to boost social media engagement.

This Dev Diary provides a glimpse into the tireless efforts of the Voxie Tactics team. With a focus on continuous improvement and exciting upcoming features, Voxie Tactics seems poised to maintain its momentum and keep its player base enthusiastic.

The next Dev Diary will be announced on Discord, the platform where the community gathers first. Until then, Voxie Tactics encourages players to keep battling, strategizing, and enjoying the unique Voxie experience.

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