Axie Infinity Community Week Set for July 5th
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Axie Infinity Community Week Set for July 5th

Axie Infinity has announced that it will be launching the community week on the 5th of July. The team is revamping the Discord server and looking to make significant changes. In the process, new administrators and moderators will also be recruited.

The game intends to use this opportunity as a means of returning to the basics of its project. This will include organizing many Axie-oriented tournaments and trivia. There will also be team reviews that will be hosted by Sky Mavin staff members, content creators, and other prominent lunacians. It will be all about community members.

Details of the Axie Infinity Community Week

Details of the Axie Infinity Community Week

Axie Infinity is remodeling its Discord server to suit active members of the community. The team wants to use this opportunity to optimize the platform for active members. To initiate the process, Sky Mavis will be introducing features that will enable new members to join easily. In addition, there will be an update to the Getting Started and Rules subsections. Players will also be able to access an updated international Language Forum in the channels.

From the 5th to the 9th of July, there will be several events and activities in the renewed Axie Infinity Discord server. Over the years, more individuals have become part of the Axie ecosystem. However, not all of them understand what it means to be a Lunacian. Therefore, the team is using this opportunity to enlighten these users and properly welcome them into the fold.

Axie Infinity Community Week will entail the following events:

  • Origin Season 5 balancing patch reveal – July 5th
  • Poison Team Building – July 5th
  • Team reviews of upgrades – 5th to 6th of July
  • Back to Classic V2 – 6th of July
  • Pasapalabras game show – July 6th
  • Axie Infinity Cup – 6th to 7th of July
  • Axie Trivia – 6th to 7th of July
  • Axie Mastermind – July 7th
  • Ronin radio – July 7th
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – 7th to 8th of July
  • Noticias y trivia Axie – 7th to 8th of July
  • Discord Disco Bash – July 8th
  • 1v1 Classic and Origins – 8th to 9th of July
  • Revision del Parche ft Hail + Jaatser 8th to 9th of July
  • Axie Beauty Party – 9th to 10th of July
  • Can you beat the SPG team – from the 9th to the 10th of July

The different events occur in various languages. Therefore, interested participants need to be sure of the language before joining. To gain access to the community week, users must accept the invitation to join the Axie Discord server.

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