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Apeiron Announces Significant Increase in Rewards for Daily PvP Stamina Wins


  • Apeiron gaming platform has announced significant improvements for its flagship event, Guild Wars, which currently boasts a $1,000,000 prize.
  • Players participating in the event can now earn up to five times more $ANIMA. Apeiron hopes these new rewards will heighten the tournament’s competitive level.
  • A series of significant discounts have been introduced in Planet breeding costs. Making this feature of the game more accessible and appealing to players. The goal is to favor the expansion of the game’s universe.

Apeiron gaming platform has announced significant improvements and innovations for players participating in its flagship event, Guild Wars. The event is currently ongoing and features a $1,000,000 prize pool. One of the main updates is a massive increase in rewards available to participants.

Starting now, players can expect to earn up to five times more $ANIMA, Apeiron’s virtual currency, through daily victories in PvP Stamina mode. This enhancement will be implemented starting Thursday, June 6, 2024. Players will be able to accumulate a significant amount of prizes and cryptocurrencies by participating in Guild Wars for the remainder of the season.

Apeiron Expands its Universe: Updates in Planet Breeding

Additionally, Apeiron has introduced significant discounts in Planet breeding costs. Now, Marketplace $ANIMA costs can be reduced by up to 50% using ANIMUS at a 1:1 ratio. The measure aims to encourage the expansion of the game’s universe by making Planet breeding more accessible and attractive to players.

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Regarding the current state of Guild Wars, according to the battle report showing the top guilds in the competition, “一席之地” is leading, followed by “Ancient8” and “Bood Nation”, all with over 6000+ total stars. Players are competing intensely, and it is likely that new updates will arrive to intensify rivalries.

Guild Wars is Apeiron’s most important event of the season. These updates arrive at the perfect time to make it even more attractive to players seeking skill challenges and lucrative rewards.

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