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Nakamoto Games Launches NAKAVERSE Buildings in NFTs Marketplace

Since the project’s inception, Nakamoto Games reiterated its desire to create the world’s first sustainable metaverse. The release of NAKAVERSE shows the team’s commitment to creating a very innovative platform. Similarly, they announce that metaverse buildings are now available on the NFTs marketplace. This update comes after the unveiling of an ambassador program.

What You Need to Know About the NAKAVERSE Buildings NFTs

NAKAVERSE Buildings NFTs are somatic establishments within the metaverse. Constructed on land plots, these structures are used to manufacture essential items that players need for on-site games. There are up to 8 different types of edifices, and gamers can choose from any of them. Each of these buildings offer specific services to the ecosystem.

In addition, users can generate passive income by selling the items these structures produce. Let’s use a copper mining plant as an example. The owner can fetch these minerals and earn up to 40 $USDT per day. Each building has a life cycle of 1,000 days of continuous mining. After giving maximum output during this period, the owner of that place would have earned at least 40,000 $USDT. This sum is the net total, after deductions for maintenance and other costs have been done.

The NAKAVERSE is an immersive virtual world that has become integral to the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. Powered by $NAKA, it replicates real life in a self-regulating social and economic structure. The team has always considered how they would like this virtual world to become. As such, they cannot wait for its actualization and to unveil the outcome to players this quarter.

These buildings’ NFTs are just one of the means through which players earn. However, becoming a factory owner remains the most lucrative venture. Interested individuals can visit the Nakamoto Games Marketplace to purchase these digital assets and start making substantial income. Besides getting returns on investment, owners will also contribute to the sustenance of the platform.

Nakamoto Games Ambassador Program

Nakamoto Games Brand Ambassadors

Nakamoto Games recently unveiled an ambassadorial program for passionate members of its community. The team will select up to two persons per country (excluding the USA) to create awareness about its ecosystem. There is a fixed prize pool of 5,000 USD worth of $NAKA as compensation for interested individuals.

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