RFOX VALT Announces the Apartment Chest Sale
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RFOX VALT Announces the Apartment Chest Sale

RFOX VALT has announced the Apartment Chest Sale. Players will get the opportunity to own exclusive AI-powered homes in the metaverse. Users will be able to interact with the integrations and customize their space. They can also ask their personal artificial intelligence assistant questions to learn about diverse topics.

RFOX VALT Apartment Chest Sale

The RFOX VALT Apartment Chest Sale will go live on the 8th of February. Players will purchase mystery boxes corresponding to the type of digital home they prefer. A total of 10,000 chests will be available to interested buyers. The minimum price for this digital asset is 0.25 $ETH.

Each chest comes with a complimentary Citixen pod. One of the 8700 unique avatars will be in each of these pods. These in-game characters will offer players staking abilities, governance and IP rights. Players can also choose to purchase only the pods from OpenSea.

Different Types of Apartments

RFOX VALT Apartment Chest Sale

While issuing the announcement, RFOX VALT revealed the different apartments that will be available for sale. They include the following:

  • Studio: This small, customizable personal space is perfect for 1 Citixen. Initially designed by seniority rank and accomplishment, they have transferred down over the years. This apartment allows residents to live with their pods without fear of an attack. In addition, they are also suitable for hosting cozy get-togethers, gatherings and similar events. There are 5000 units of this flat available in this sale.
  • Standard: This is another home available in the RFOX VALT Apartment Chest Sale. It shares very similar features with studio flats and allows Citixens to use their pods. However, it is much bigger and more versatile. Owners can host medium events, gatherings and other socializing activities. 3700 standard apartments will be available for sale.
  • Penthouse: The penthouse apartment takes things up a notch. Owners will get a decently customizable space to call their home. What makes it better than standard and studio flats is that you can use it for large-scale events, launches and sizable events. It is also perfect for creating your own office. There are only 1200 units of the Penthouse suite available in this sale.
  • Sky: Perhaps you want something bigger living area that allows you to do more than just rest in your pod. The Sky apartment is perfect for you. It is reserved for elites and has mammoth space for almost anything you have in mind. Offices, events, and social gatherings, the options are limitless. However, there are only 100 units of these apartments available for sale.

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