Nine Chronicles May Update
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Nine Chronicles Issues May Update

The month of April consisted of huge wins for Nine Chronicles. Following the achievement of these milestones, their team is issuing the update for May 2022. In this release, it highlighted multiple achievements from the previous month. From in-house achievements to being highlighted in a Cointelegraph report.

Details of the Nine Chronicles Update for May

The major highlights of the Nine Chronicles update for May include the following

  • Successful completion of the Arena Season 3
  • Organizing the X3 Daily Reward on its onboarding portal
  • Issuance of Arena tickets to 33 random warriors
  • Community voting on Discord and Twitter for Season 3 rewards.
  • Highlighted in a Cointelegraph Report

Furthermore, the game also gave insights into its next steps as well as a review of its roadmap. Starting from May, here are what to expect from Nine Chronicles in the coming months.

Changes to the Arena

Nine Chronicles Arena Development

If you think that the current Arena is amazing, wait for the next version. This part of the gameplay is currently under construction and will be ready by June. Following this upgrade, the new one will be very different, very organized and may even be a monthly event. There will even be tiers and only selected persons will be able to make the cut. To be able to participate, players must be very diligent.

Introduction of CRYSTAL

At the moment, $NCG is the only currency in use when playing the game. However, there will be a new addition going forward. The name of this token is CRYSTAL. Players can earn them from old and outdated pieces of equipment. As such, do not be in a hurry to discard items that fall into this category.

A New Staking System

There have been many questions about the monster Collection on discord. These inquiries have been about how expensive it is. However, Nine Chronicles is preparing a new staking system. This format will enable more users to stake and enjoy the rewards for doing so. The more they stake, the more they earn. More so, this new method will influence the Arena prize.

Review of the 2022 Roadmap

Earlier this year, the game shared its roadmap for 2022. In that release, it gave insights as to the plans for the next 12 months. The team is always exploring new ways to improve gameplay and overall user experience. Following identification of the need for change, it had to review the roadmap. After doing so, it released an article to that effect. Visit their medium page for more details.

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