Illuvium Launches Illuvium: Beyond Today
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Illuvium Launches Illuvium: Beyond Today

The play-to-earn game metaverse, Illuvium, has announced the launch of its customizable NFT Adventure with Illuvium: Beyond today, February 7, 2023. The event will enable users to compete and collect the most powerful Illuvitar NFTs. 

These NFTs are based on the in-game characters (Illuvials) of Illuvium. According to the game platform, the possibilities for the release are endless because of the in-game utility of the NFTs across all Illuvium games. They will also affect the upcoming competitive and interactive card game within the Illuvitars Hub.

Highlights of the Illuvium: Beyond Adventure

According to Illuvium, the team has partnered with some of the best in the NFT business, including Binance, Chainlink, and Immutable X. This partnership will bring the vision of Illuvitars to life. The partnership is fueled by the distinct characteristics that each partner brings to the table. 

Immutable promises gas-free transactions and true digital ownership, while Binance offers seamless transactions on Illuvidex. Chainlink, on the other hand, has unique price feeds that determine the price of sILV2/ETH. Also, its VRF technology guarantees a totally transparent selection procedure for raffle winners. 

What to Know about Illuvitars

According to the game platform, Illuvitars “will blow your mind with their stunning art quality”. The team revealed that the NFTs were designed by some of the best artists who have worked on different projects in the industry, including Magic The Gathering. 


The game platform also mentioned that the NFTs will be unique because they do not have one base layer like humans, monkeys, and lizards. These digital assets have 155 unique Illuvials as their base layers. 

Illuvium mentioned it will sell these assets in packs with a random collection of Accessories to allow collectors to find something valuable. It is worth mentioning that these Illuvitars are more than static images. 

They are living creations you can bond with as you make them your own. Illuvium is also introducing Illuvitars Core, the ultimate feature suite that makes the collection of Illuvitars an engaging experience. 

Games can compete and collect the most powerful Illuvitars and boost their rank on the leaderboard. They can also unlock extra utility in the Illuvium universe.

Illuvitars Album Collection and Rewards

The Illuvitars Album is an interactive, responsive, and competitive event where players can purchase or mint an Atlas to access the Axolotl Line Collection. They can also find the Bulwark and Water Collections without building these assets themselves. 

According to the game platform, players have many opportunities to earn achievements, including completing Collections in the Illuvitars Album. They can also earn bonuses in the process.

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