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How much can you Earn Playing My Crypto Heroes (MCHC)?

My Crypto Heroes is a multi-player combat role-playing NFT game based on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchain. It offers players the opportunity to earn income. 

My Crypto Heroes has two game modes – Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvP). It uses blockchain technology advancement to secure virtual assets, including heroes, extensions, and Land. 

How does My Crypto Heroes Game Work?

The game requires that players curate a squad of exceptional heroes to participate in epic wars within mysterious environments. Players must employ the best gear, including armor, weapons, and battle items to survive in the game. 

To play the game, gamers must have the required NFTs. There are different game activities players can explore on the platform. These include Quest, Cryptid Wars, Duel Cup, and Colosseum. 

my crypto heroes game

MCHC is the in-game token used for participating in PvP combats and completing in-game tasks. My Crypto Heroes game has different types of NFTs. These include Land, Hero, and Extension. Each has specific functions within the metaverse. 

How to Make Money in My Crypto Heroes

There are four ways you can earn money on this game platform. You can earn as a Farmer, Creator, Warrior, or Trader. Players earn by completing tasks and collecting unique items to trade for ETH.

Also, they can earn by participating in online fights to receive exotic extensions, which they can also trade for ETH. Users with creative abilities can also create art and sell it on the Art market for the in-house token, GUM. 

Additionally, players can earn TOKU points when they reprocess their extension. With more TOKU points, gamers move through the TOKU season ranks and receive different prizes. These prizes include GUM, heroes, extensions, and exchangeable rewards tickets.

How much can you earn from My Crypto Heroes?

 My Crypto Heroes offers players an opportunity to earn money as they advance in their quests. They can earn in tasks, online battles, and others. The good thing is you earn in crypto, which means you can get a good value for your investment. 

How much you earn depends on the activities you engage in on the platform. When you win rare extensions, for instance, you can sell them for ETH at a secondary marketplace. Finding rare items as you complete quests is also profitable because you can also exchange them for ETH. 

Also, if you make art to sell on the market, you will make a lot of profit. Therefore, how much you earn is a function of the activity you engage in, and how committed you are to the activities.

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