Nakamoto Games is Revolutionizing Gaming with Global Recognition
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Nakamoto Games is Revolutionizing Gaming with Global Recognition

Nakamoto Games gets a lot of fame for their key role in blockchain games and other related areas. It is most popular for its role in Thai universities and many major news outlets talk about $NAKA.

Some of these outlets include Bloomberg, Yahoo, Finance Hong Kong, and several Chinese outlets as well.

Nakamoto Games Working with Thai Universities

Firstly, the biggest feat that they have under their belt is their role in Thai universities. Among these, the biggest one is their role with Mahidol University. It is a key place for projects on machine learning and tech in general.

So, the company is helping a lot of students become the next talent group for blockchain games. This is in many unique and helpful events that are on in this university and others as well.

Nakamoto Games Working with Thai Universities

Nakamoto Games Exploring Politics

Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that academia is only one of the places where Nakamoto Games is present.

$NAKA has an active role in helping government entities come up with policies that help the growth of crypto and blockchain. It is a true digital reform that the company is leading in Thailand and wants to expand globally as well.

The Launch of NAKAVERSE 2.0 and Web3 Mobile App

Thirdly, a digital revolution means you have a lot to do, and the company has two major steps in that direction. The first one is the launch of a Web 3.0 mobile app which is the first of its kind. The second one is the much bigger NAKAVERSE 2.0.

This place offers more than 200 P2E games and the aim is to use them to change the gaming scene in Thailand. With so many avid gamers among Thai students, they will be able to attract millions of users.

International Recognition for Vision

Finally, the global interest in Nakamoto Games shows its drive to bring change in gaming. Turning gaming from a hobby into an income source, this platform is speedily becoming the world’s most adopted play-to-earn platform.

We are seeing this company play a huge role in the future of blockchain. If anything, we expect to see them do great things as time passes. The user base that the game platform has is a clear indication of what they are capable of.

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