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MOBOX Releases ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edition S11 Update

MOBOX, a cross-platform gaming metaverse, has announced the start of its ChainZ Arena – MOBOX Edition Season 11. To deliver a better game experience to players, the game metaverse has released some updates.

The updates cover Hero Awaken, Adjusted Hero Skills and Treasure Island, and others. Players can visit the game platform to participate in the Season 11 event.

Highlights of Hero Awaken Updates

  • Only Legendary Heroes can use the Awaken feature to activate the skills in the 5th and 6th Positions
  • The game consumes a specific MEC amount whenever skills change or the hero awakens.
  • Hero gets a random skill the first time Hero awakens. The hero can later replace it with other skills from the skill library.
  • MOBOX will reset the Hero Awaken skills at the end of the season.


Highlights of Updates on Adjusted Hero Skills and Treasure Island

  • MOBOX has adjusted 23 Heroes for season 11. The platform released details of this in its earlier update
  • It also adjusted the MEC reward for Treasure Island. When Treasure Island consumes 50% of MBOX at the launch f the season, the platform will adjust the MEC reward multiplier from 15 to 10.
  • The game also adjusted the plunder ratio from 2% to 5% for defeating one opponent team and 5% to 7% for defeating two opponents.
  • It also adjusted the End-of-Season Stake Limit to 72 hours from last season’s 24 hours.
  • Players can purchase a maximum of 20 plunders each day instead of 10 from the previous season.
  • Depending on the volume of MBOX staked, and the enemy defeated, an attacker can get extra NxM of spirits as rewards. The highest spirits an attacker can get are 10,000 spirits.

Highlights of Other Updates

MOBOX revealed it has adjusted the consumption gift package, and players have three additional gift package tiers to explore. It also adjusted daily treasure and increased resource rewards for Gold Chest and Crystal Chest.

The game platform also adjusted the Artifact enhancement consumption and increased the gold prerequisites for each enhancement level. The required spirits for upgrading Assassin Totem and Ranger Totem are also adjusted and replaced with the gold equivalent.

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