MetaCene Unveils the MixMarvel MAN NFTs
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MetaCene Unveils the MixMarvel MAN NFTs

MetaCene has announced that it will soon be launching the first batch of the MixMarvel MAN NFTs. MixMarvel is an incubated project from MetaCene that has been under development for quite some time. These assets will offer tremendous benefits and have significant potential for growth.

While unveiling these non-fungible tokens, MetaCene announced that there would be an upcoming free mint. This exercise will make limited editions of these digital assets available to selected persons. However, the team did not share exact details regarding the date of the drop.  Although, they still gave insights as to how many of these NFTs will be available and how players can utilize them.

MetaCene MixMarvel MAN NFTs: All You Need to Know

MetaCene MixMarvel MAN NFTs: All You Need to Know

MixMarvel MAN NFTs are digital assets designed to be useful beyond the metaverse. The term man means MetaCene Apostle NFT. There are 500 unique digital assets available in this collection. Each of them has special in-game benefits and ecological rights in an SBT system. For example, those who own these gaming assets will be opportune to resurrect before other survivors. These individuals will receive limited edition Skins, Weapons, and other in-game Gear.

They will also get prioritized access to events and resources within the MetaCene ecosystem. In addition, holders of these digital items will get first access to unique mystery boxes in different phases of the game. This means they will be part of Alpha and Beta testing whitelists, as well as other official versions of the game.

Outside of gameplay, those individuals will enjoy special rights in the MetaCene Discord server. They will also get governance rights and be part of the decision-making process when it comes to game development. By doing this, the game intends to capture the interest of players and implement them during the developmental stages.

Meanwhile, MAN grants their owners the first right to mint other upcoming NFTs. This means that they will be automatically whitelisted to get access to other upcoming collections of digital assets. More so, they will also get priority positions in upcoming token and NFT airdrops. In addition, these individuals are guaranteed to receive the $MAK governance token of MetaCene once the game goes live.

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