PlayMining Joins Hands with Robotics Tech Company Rita Technology to Solve Waste Sorting
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PlayMining Joins Hands with Robotics Tech Company Rita Technology to Solve Waste Sorting

There are three good things about playmining. One, PlayMining uses games to help fix real-world problems. Two, players can earn crypto like Deapcoin while playing. And three, over 2.7 million players from 100 countries have joined the platform since 2020.

Partnering with Rita Technology

The main issue is that waste sorting has a general view of being a bad job. So, fewer people want to do this type of work. Even with advances in automation and AI, there are still not enough workers to meet the demand for waste recycling.

The company is partnering with Rita Technology, a Japanese company that makes machines to manage trash. Rita Technology made URANOS, a robot that sorts trash using artificial intelligence (AI).

Addressing the Labor Shortage

But there are not enough people who sort trash for recycling. PlayMining and Rita Technology both want to use new technology for good. By combining game rewards with Rita’s machines, they plan to make a game. So, it will lead to a fix for the problem of not enough people sorting trash.

The company’s approach involves making waste sorting into a game. Then, players can virtually sort trash in exchange for in-game rewards. This could make the process seem more enjoyable and interesting, changing people’s minds about this work.

Play Mining is Addressing the Labor Shortage

How the Social Impact Game Would Work

The social impact game will let players sort virtual trash like a claw machine to earn coins. It will also let players control robot arms that sort real trash in facilities remotely.

The remote mode of the game would also let players directly control robot arms used in real waste facilities from anywhere in the world. This could lead to waste sorting jobs to a larger global pool of potential remote workers.

Tackling Global Labor Demands in PlayMining

Kozo Yamada, the co-founder of the platform, thinks the work with Rita Technology shows they can help fix issues around the world using games. By automating hard jobs with the help of companies like Rita Technology, they want to balance how many workers are needed and available globally.

Providing an Example

If the social impact game from PlayMining works well, it could provide an example of using games to make other hard jobs more interesting while getting more people from around the world to do that work remotely. But the game itself still needs to be made first and shown to work well.

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