PlayMining Teams Up with Oasys to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming
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PlayMining Teams Up with Oasys to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) owns the PlayMining gaming platform. They are also the ones who issue DEAPcoin (DEP). Recently, they joined Oasys Pte. Ltd., a Japanese blockchain project that focuses mainly on games.

So, the goal is to deploy games that solve social issues on “DEP Verse.” This is a Layer2 blockchain that will soon make its way onto Oasys.

DEA’s GameFi platform has over 2.7 million users in more than 100 countries all over the world. DEAPcoin is the first token to allow players to earn money by playing games. So, what they get is a lot of gamers and a huge lead in the GameFi industry as well.

Oasys consensus algorithm uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) method, and it’s a friend to the environment too. Furthermore, its initial validators include 25 major game companies and Web3 firms.

Collaboration Between PlayMining and Oasys

DEA and Oasys will build the PlayMining “DEP Verse” Layer2 blockchain on Oasys. So, they will be able to provide new game titles, consult, and support other game projects on Oasys. In addition to that, they will also promote blockchain games with the help of joint marketing.

Collaboration Between PlayMining and Oasys

DEP Verse: The Future of Gaming

DEP Verse aims to expand the possibilities of gaming by making games a tool that can solve social issues. The partnership between DEA and Oasys also aims to spread the concepts of “Web3 Entertainment x ESG (SDGs)” and “GameFi-for-Good.” They want to make this idea global, and this team-up will be a key step in making that happen.

DEA and Oasys will deploy games on DEP Verse that address social issues and allow players to earn DEAPcoin by playing games. This will enable players to become part of the solution to global problems while enjoying their favorite games.

Summing Up

The PlayMining and Oasys partnership hopes to change the gaming industry for the better by solving social issues with games. DEP Verse will let players earn money by playing games, creating a win-win situation for players and the world. The goal is to make blockchain gaming a normal daily activity for everyone, and the effort by the game platform is a step towards achieving that goal.

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