Sidus Heroes Lucky Star Lottery is Set for June 28th
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Sidus Heroes Lucky Star Lottery is Set for June 28th

Sidus Heroes has announced that it will be launching the Lucky Star Lottery on the 28th of June. This draw will reward anyone holding a significant amount of $SIDUS with NFTs and other benefits. There will be a special event for various groups of community members. Even those who refer their friends will go home with prizes.

Before joining this lottery, players must first own $SIDUS. Interested persons can obtain the in-game utility and reward token from the following exchanges:

Meanwhile, players should transfer the tokens they obtain from these exchanges to the wallet connected to their Sidus Account. This is the only way that they will be eligible for the draws.

Details of the Sidus Heroes Lucky Star Lottery

There will be a lottery exercise starting from 08:00 UTC on the 28th of June. The event will continue till 08:00 UTC on the 12th of July. This event is open to every player. However, only those who have a minimum of 75,000 $SIDUS are eligible to participate. Players do not need to register, as the game will select qualified users automatically.

The team will take snapshots of individual wallets to ascertain qualified people once the event is live. Starting from the 28th, there will be a series of draws from which 64 individuals will emerge as winners. These people will receive GENESIS NFTs and monetary rewards.

Below is a breakdown of the separate compensation for lucky contestants:

  • 1 person will take home the jackpot of $2000
  • 10 people will get $500 each
  • 50 people will receive $100 each

The Sidus Heroes Lucky Star Lottery will occur as a series of events. By the 13th of July, the team will organize the Grand Lottery to issue raffles out of the entire prize pool. This draw will also feature an astonishing Jackpot. To incorporate everyone, the team will stream this event live.

Active Gadgets are Now Available

Active Gadgets are Now Available

Meanwhile, Sidus is happy to announce that Active Gadgets are now back in the NFT Marketplace. For some time now, there have been significant demands for these digital assets from players. These in-game items significantly improve a player’s winning chances. More so, it is possible that there may be another event where players can utilize these power-ups.

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